Asharq News Network marks third anniversary with unprecedented expansion and accolades

Asharq News Network marks third anniversary with unprecedented expansion and accolades

13 November 23

In just three years since its launch in 2020, Asharq News Network has become a powerhouse in the Arabic media landscape, marking its third anniversary with a series of significant achievements and expansions.

The Riyadh-based 24/7, multi-platform news service, in collaboration with Bloomberg Media, has established itself as the fastest-growing news platform in the MENA region, boasting 50 million followers across various social media platforms.

This year, Asharq News Network celebrated its remarkable growth by introducing innovative multimedia platforms, solidifying its position as a comprehensive news source. The network expanded its portfolio with free-to-view platforms, such as Asharq Documentary, delving into the stories behind the headlines, and Asharq Discovery, a partnership with Warner Bros. Discovery showcasing premium infotainment content.

Alongside these, the introduction of Asharq Podcasts and Radio Asharq with Bloomberg responded to the increasing demand for audio content, providing diverse programming ranging from business and technology to lifestyle and true stories.

The productions include, 'Hona Al Qissa' a podcast that ventures into the forefront of Saudi Arabian affairs, offering a unique perspective through a blend of journalistic prowess and creative storytelling. 'Behind the Oil' takes a comprehensive look at both regional and global energy trends, unraveling the intricate stories that shape this critical sector. Meanwhile, 'The Story of a Song' intricately explores the narratives behind iconic Arabic tracks, providing a rich tapestry of cultural and musical history.

The success of Asharq News Network's growth strategy is evident in the numerous accolades it has received, with over 35 global and regional awards since its inception. This year, the network's flagship program, Assabah Maa Cyba (Morning with Cyba) clinched the Best Economic Programme award at the Arab Media Awards, while Asharq News secured the Gold at the MENA Digital Awards for its integrated digital campaign.

Reflecting on the anniversary, Dr. Nabeel AlKhatib, General Manager of Asharq News, expressed pride in the network's exceptional growth, attributing it to the quality of Asharq's platforms. The expansion into free-to-view platforms and the introduction of audio offerings signify a natural progression in Asharq's journey, meeting the evolving demands of its diverse audience.

As part of the larger SRMG, Asharq News Network continues to contribute to the transformation and growth of the media landscape in the MENA region, emphasising support for the broader media, information, and entertainment production ecosystem.