Explore the events of Ancient Kingdoms Festival

Explore the events of Ancient Kingdoms Festival

Celebrating the rich history and cultural importance of the AlUla area, the Ancient Kingdoms Festival returns with a series of events to look forward to
13 November 23
Ancient Kingdoms Festival

Returning for another season, the Ancient Kingdoms Festival will begin this week on Thursday November 16.

Commemorating Hegra's 15th anniversary as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, this exceptional cultural festival will return to celebrate and honour the history of significant historic locations such as AlUla, Khaybar, and Tayma.

This year's Ancient Kingdoms Festival will run from November 16 through to December 2.

Visitors around the world will delve into immersive encounters that aim to ignite curiosity, evoke wonder, and establish a deep connection with the ancient history of our significant historic locations, in order to create a collective sense of connection to our history and culture.

Throughout the Ancient Kingdoms Festival, a number of different events will take place. Let's take a look at several exciting events that will begin this week to celebrate the festival:


Faouzia, the Moroccan-Canadian singer-songwriter and musician will debut at the iconic mirrored Maraya at AlUla. Known for her unique and emotion-filled pop, R&B and acoustic sounds, the singer is most well known for her song 'Tears of Gold'. Marking the beginning of the region's winter event series, this concert is set to be a sold out show.

Date: November 17
Location: Maraya, AlUla

King Nabonidus Parade

Known as the 'land of the kings', visitors to Tayma will be transported back in time. Taking place every day from Thursday through to Saturday, the King Nabonidus Parade is a vibrant spectacle that delves into the regal history of the ancient city, that will recount the story of the ancient settlers of the land.

Dates: Thursday - Saturday, from November 16 to January 24, 2024
Location: Tayma

Ikmah After Dark - Illuminated Inscriptions

The carvings and stones inscriptions of Jabal Ikmah were officially recognised by UNESCO in May of this year. Beyond their local and national significance, the inscriptions at Jabal Ikmah hold global importance as they mark a significant milestone in human history— the advent of writing and the transition from pre-history to recorded history. Ikmah After Dark will feature the projection of an illuminating light show onto the Jabal Ikmah mountain, telling the story of the carvings.

Dates: Wednesday - Saturday, from November 16 to December 31
Location: Jabal Ikmah

The Memory Sanctuary

Over the course of thirty minutes visitors will embark on a multi-sensory journey through flavour and exploration. Participants will be immersed in a series of moments and flavours that evoke memories of the past and that celebrate heritage, inspired by memories of life in the Oasis.

Dates: Daily, from November 16 to January 3
Location: The Oasis, AlUla

Hegra After Dark

Madain Salih is more commonly known as Hegra, was awarded the title of UNESCO Heritage Site in 2008. The area features a number of Nabeatean tombs, and during 'Hegra After Dark', the internationally recognised archeological site will be illuminated with candles. Visitors will arrive by horse carriage, and be immersed in the history of the area through storytelling and the intriguing illumination of the buildings.

Dates: Tuesday to Saturday, from November 23 to January 27
Location: Hegra, AlUla

Wadi AlNaam Discovery Tour

Tour the Jabal Ikmah Valley and journey into the incredible landscape of Wadi AlNaam. This new tour begins on Thursday, November 16 and will lead visitors to discover and learn more about the ancient Dadan civilisation. Get an up-close look at the incredible inscriptions of Jabal Ikmah.

Dates: Daily, from November 16 to January 23
Location: Jabal Ikmah Valley