Transforming Jeddah's Waterfront: Unveiling Jeddah South Obhur

Transforming Jeddah's Waterfront: Unveiling Jeddah South Obhur

This waterside public area in Jeddah is set to be reimagined with a transformative development
24 November 23
Jeddah Corniche: Jeddah Obhur South

Saudi Arabia is gearing up for a remarkable transformation of Jeddah's waterfront: Jeddah South Obhur stands poised as the Red Sea city's latest reimagined public space.

This week saw the official the launch of Jeddah South Obhur, a sprawling waterfront development set to redefine the city's landscape. Envisioned to be the epitome of modernity and convenience, Jeddah South Obhur aims to offer a multifaceted experience to local residents and visitors alike.

Occupying an expansive 205,000 square meters within the vibrant port city of Jeddah, this ambitious project promises a fusion of leisure, recreation, and investment prospects.

The development will include a diverse array of amenities meticulously curated to elevate the community's lifestyle.

Among its standout features are a picturesque sea promenade, inviting swimming beaches, and verdant open spaces, complemented by well-designed pedestrian walk ways and a dedicated cycling track.

Managed by the Jeddah Municipality, this waterfront marvel will pivot on family-centric design, and will also feature an assortment of kids' playgrounds, food carts, and vibrant retail zones.

Beyond its recreational allure, Jeddah South Obhur stands as a beacon for potential investors eyeing the retail infrastructure sector, and will be ideal for local and international businesses seeking to cement their place in the region's burgeoning economic landscape.

This transformative project symbolises Saudi Arabia's commitment to fostering innovative urban spaces that intertwine recreation, commerce, and community, setting a benchmark for progressive waterfront developments in the region.