Riyadh Season's Boulevard City lights up in celebration of Expo 2030

Riyadh Season's Boulevard City lights up in celebration of Expo 2030

Watch as one of the Riyadh's largest events celebrate and support the city's Expo 2030 achievement
30 November 23
Boulevard City Celebrates Riyadh Expo 2030

Riyadh Season 2023 could be considered the most successful celebration in the city to-date.

This year's celebrations pivot on the seasonal theme of 'Big Time', and there is so much happening in the city to ensure this season lives up to expectations. From family friendly entertainment and events, the biggest names in sports coming together for several head-to-head bouts, to internationally acclaimed music artists taking to the stage and even a replica of the iconic, fairytale Disney Castle, created for the very first time outside of Disneyland or Disney World.

It was reported that during the first week of the event, Riyadh Season 2023 saw more than 1 million visitors. And now, less than five weeks later, it has been confirmed that more than 5 million people have visited the various zones and events of Riyadh Season 2023.

And now another major event is on the horizon - World Expo.

This week the Kingdom's capital city, Riyadh, won the title of host city for the World Expo 2030.

Following unsuccessful bids from other host nations such as Italy and South Korea, it was confirmed following a vote by officials in Paris and announced in an internationally televised statement that the 2030 edition of the World Expo event will set to take place in the Saudi Arabian city of Riyadh, from approximately October 1, 2030, through to March 31, 2031.

In celebration of this monumental achievement, Riyadh Season 2023's Boulevard City lit up. Billboards and screens around the venue flashed with news of the victory, fountains danced to celebratory music and the nation's flag featured heavily.

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