This Noor Riyadh exhibit is taking the light festival to new heights with 3000 drones

This Noor Riyadh exhibit is taking the light festival to new heights with 3000 drones

The world's largest light festival returns to the capital for its third edition with an array of new and artistic celebrations of light
05 December 23
Drone Show - Noor Riyadh 2023: DRIFT

Noor Riyadh has returned to the city for a third edition, and will run until December 16.

Initially launched in 2021 as a once off art celebration, the event has now transformed into an eagerly awaited event in the city's arts and culture calendar. And so, for a third year Noor Riyadh is bringing together creatives and artists from across the nation, and around the world, the immersive festival pivots on the over-arching theme of light.

One of this year's most exciting events is set to take to the skies above King Abdullah Financial District (KAFD).

'Desert Swarm' is a live exhibit actioned and created by an artistic duo by the name of DRIFT.

Creative pair, Ralph Nauta and Lonneke Gordijn are renowned for creating light shows and aerial drone performances across the world, including for Louis Vuitton, Burning Man, and in iconic locations such as across the New York City skyline and above Rome's ancient Colosseum.

And the duo have designed a drone show - Desert Swarm - that will take place each evening in the skies above King Abdullah Financial District (KAFD).

Mimicking the 'behaviour of decision making in the natural world', 3000 drones will dance across the skies of Riyadh for a performance of over twelve minutes. The show will take place every single weekday evening at 9pm until the end of the festival on December 16, and two shows will take place on weekends at 9pm and 11pm.

This year's event embraces the theme, 'The Bright Side of the Desert Moon,' this year's 2023 edition of the showcase will feature 120 artworks created by over 100 artists, and won't be limited to just one location.

Several creative and artistic hubs have been confirmed to host artistic light exhibits and include Riyadh's JAX District, King Abdullah Financial District (KAFD), Wadi Hanifah, Wadi Namar and Salam Park.

From November 30 until December 16, various locations across Riyadh