Chaka Khan will take to the stage at the first Riyadh International Jazz Festival

Chaka Khan will take to the stage at the first Riyadh International Jazz Festival

A lively addition to the capital's diverse cultural scene, over three evenings renowned international jazz artists and incredible local musicians will converge in harmony
30 January 24
Riyadh International Jazz Festival: Chaka Khan Image source: IG chakakhan

A city pulsating with energy, Riyadh is an unparalleled fusion of Saudi's traditional heritage and the nation's open embrace of modernity, welcoming locals and visitors alike to explore and discover.

From globally acclaimed music festivals and widely-watched sports matches to cherished seasonal celebrations, each event has played a significant role in catapulting the city's cultural scene onto the global stage. And, more recently the Kingdom's capital has been the chosen primary Middle Eastern destination of a number fine-dining, well-renowned dining experiences.

Elevated by its newfound (or rather newly appreciated) status as a melting pot of diverse cultures, tastes, events, and experiences, Riyadh is gearing up to host an exciting addition to its repertoire — the inaugural Riyadh International Jazz Festival.

For three evenings beginning on February 7, the Riyadh International Jazz Festival will see massive names in the genre take over the stage of Mayadeen Theatre in Diriyah, no doubt in front of a rapturous crowd.

The smooth and soulful sounds of live jazz will fill the Mayadeen Theatre, alongside sultry vocals from a number of international musical such as the iconic Chaka Khan, Masego, The Empire Cat and YolanDa Brown OBE.

Local performers confirmed to be participating in the inaugural jazz event include Afro-Khaleeji band Majaz Music, Garwasha the instrumental alternative fusion band based in Riyadh and the ever-talented soloist, fulana.

Brought to life by the Saudi Music Commission, the Riyadh International Festival aims to spotlight the richness of the jazz genre while fostering cultural exchange. The event aims to both introduce and unite international talents with local Saudi artists, creating a harmonious celebration of music diversity.

From February 7 - 9,
Prices from SAR120, Tickets Available via
Mayadeen Theatre, Diriyah