Asharq Discovery unveils an array of captivating original shows

Asharq Discovery unveils an array of captivating original shows

Aiming to cater to the demand for high-quality Arabic content Asharq Discovery introduces seven new and original productions, spanning various genres such as crime, cuisine, and critique
30 January 24
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In just three months since its launch, Asharq Discovery, the free-to-view platform, has rapidly carved a niche for itself by ushering in a new era of captivating original programming.

And today, the platform has announced a number of new and original programmes set to air. Aiming to deliver unparalleled entertainment and cultural enrichment to viewers across the globe, Asharq Discovery's new original, Arabic feature programmes will cover an array of genres including lifestyle, critique, cuisine, news and a show that will focus on the incredible achievements of Arab women.

The seven outstanding original productions cater to the surging demand for high-quality Arabic content, resonating with Arabic-speaking audiences worldwide.

Bassma: Airing every Monday, "Bassma" shines a spotlight on the extraordinary achievements of influential Arab women, including renowned actress Yusra, singer Samira Saeed, and aerospace engineer Mishaal Ashemimry. The program delves into their journeys, challenges, and secrets to success, celebrating the women who have left an indelible mark on various fields.

The Critics: Every Thursday at 9:00 pm KSA, "The Critics," presented by Passant Shams Ell Dean, Maher Mosly, and Mahmoud Mahdy, critiques the latest cinema releases and films with industry experts, providing audiences with an objective opinion on box office hits.

Dark Minds: Unveiling the Arab world's first true crime docuseries, "Dark Minds" takes audiences on a chilling journey into the untold stories of serial killers from the MENA region. Through interviews with experts, exclusive footage, and a trove of documents, the show exposes the motives behind heinous crimes, making it a gripping addition to the platform's offerings.

Diet Master: Influencer Mohanad Al Hattab explores popular diets in "Diet Master," soon to be available on all Asharq Discovery platforms. Examining the advantages, disadvantages, and risks of each diet, the show offers insights from dieticians, medical experts, and firsthand accounts from those who have tried them.

Food Tales: Presented by social media star Qasim Al-Hatto, "Food Tales" invites viewers on a delectable journey every Friday at 6:00 pm KSA time. Exploring the origin and history of renowned foods from the MENA region, each episode reveals the stories behind iconic dishes, offering a savory blend of cultural heritage and culinary delight.

In Other News: A captivating daily news show, "In Other News," airs Sunday to Thursday at 6:00 pm KSA, co-presented by Sultan Al-Shaddadi and Leen Al-Halawani. In just 30 minutes, the program presents the latest thought-provoking news from art, business, economy, and technology.

Test Drive Riyadh: Actor and media personality Tariq Al-Harbi takes the wheel in "Test Drive Riyadh," a thrilling road trip that explores famous landmarks, discovers new places, and engages in traditional activities. The quiz-based format adds an educational twist, rewarding contestants with the shortest route for correct answers.

Launched in 2023 through a strategic alliance between SRMG, the largest integrated media group in the MENA region, and Warner Bros. Discovery, Asharq Discovery has swiftly become a cultural beacon.

Asharq Discovery is available on the catchup service Asharq NOW: