An ephemeral art piece appears to 'hug' ancient site of Hegra

An ephemeral art piece appears to 'hug' ancient site of Hegra

Experience AlUla has launched the new 'ICare' campaign with a dramatic art piece that will soon disappear, at one of the Kingdom's most ancient sites
01 February 24
ICare, Hegra: David Popa Art Installation

Today an art installation beyond the ordinary has been unveiled in AlUla.

To mark the launch of the 'ICare' project, AlUla has partnered with environmentally aware, artist David Popa to create an ephemeral or vanishing art piece at the ancient site of Hegra.

The strikingly detailed art work depicts two hands emerging from the red desert sands of AlUla's expansive landscape, and lovingly surrounding or holding one of the Kingdom's oldest sites, the listed UNESCO Heritage Site of Hegra.

And the artist behind this incredible piece is David Popa, a New York born artist, self described as an "Earth Artist exploring the transcendent". Popa's website and linked in notes and shows an artist whose passion lies in the exploration of anthropology and importantly connection, the relationships between humans, the natural landscape and the futures of both.

Respecting and preserving the history of ancient artists as well as the natural environment in which he works and creates, Popa uses natural materials including pigments such as charcoal and red earth, alongside sand and ground shells.

Aiming to create art work that is impactful but also friendly to the environment, his massive installations are described as ephemeral, as the location will return to nature within days, weeks or months as the natural elements and local animals slowly reclaim the artwork into the landscape.

The ICare campaign aims to celebrate, protect & promote the rich cultural heritage of AlUla. The artwork perfectly balances the embracing of the new, whilst protecting and supporting the deep history and rich cultural heritage of the region.

More details are expected to be announced on this project soon.

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