Mark Your Diaries: All the public holidays in Saudi Arabia for 2024

Mark Your Diaries: All the public holidays in Saudi Arabia for 2024

Make the most of your annual leave this year
05 February 24
List of National Holidays in Saudi Arabia for 2024 Image source: IG: saudiflagday

Already looking forward to your next vacation?

If you’re anything like the List team you like to get planning early. So, if you're hoping to get ahead of the crowd and book in your annual leave dates, take note of these national public holiday dates in Saudi Arabia for 2024.

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Note: As always, until officially confirmed by the government and moon-sighting committee, dates for Eid Al Fitr, Arafat Day and Eid Al-Adha may be +/-1 day.

February 22: Founding Day

The first vacation day of the year, and the newest addition to the public holiday calendar. Introduced in 2022 to be celebrated each year on February 22, Founding Day 2024 celebrates and commemorates the founding of the first Saudi state by Imam Muhammad bin Saud.

This year Founding Day falls on a Thursday which will see an extra long weekend for both Public and Private sectors.

March 11: Flag Day

Marking the day the Kingdom adopted the Saudi Arabian flag as we know it now, Flag Day is celebrated each year on March 11. This year March 11 falls on a Monday, which means a nice midweek day off for all.

This day is also expected to mark the first night of Ramadan.

April: Eid Al-Fitr

Marking the end of Ramadan fasting, Eid Al-Fitr will be a four-day celebration in April. Although yet to be confirmed by the moon-sighting committee and government, it is expected that Eid Al-Fitr will begin on Tuesday April 9 or Wednesday April 10.

June: Arafat Day

Expected to take place on Saturday June 15 or Sunday June 16, Arafat Day will fall into the Eid Al-Adha holidays making for an extra-long break. Similarly, this date is tentative and the exact date will be confirmed closer to the time.

June: Eid Al-Adha

Likely to fall on Sunday June 16 though to Tuesday June 18, making for a mega five-day break, the exact dates for Eid Al-Adha break will be confirmed closer to the date.

September 23: Saudi National Day

Monday September 23 will be observed as a national holiday to celebrate and commemorate the unification of the Kingdom.