The Saudi Cup and the $20 million horse race

The Saudi Cup and the $20 million horse race

Everything you need to know about the World's Richest Horse Race returning to Riyadh this month
12 February 24
The Saudi Cup 2024 Image source: IG: thesaudicup

Saudi Arabia boasts a rich cultural history that has long been intertwined with horse racing and the breeding of horses, dating back centuries.

With a cultural appreciation for the equestrian arts deeply rooted in tradition, the Kingdom has always been recognised for its devotion to the training and breeding of Arabian horses. And with this in mind, has become a beacon of excellence for the wider, global equestrian and racing community.

The jewel in the crown is The Saudi Cup.

Returning to Riyadh for a third edition, The Saudi Cup will take place over the course of two days, this February 23 & 24.

The King Abdulaziz Racecourse plays host to Saudi Cup Weekend 2024, attracting top-tier thoroughbreds and jockeys from around the globe with both fierce competition and a staggering prize pool.

As it stands, the total prize pot for the 2024 races exceeds USD$35 million. Approximately sixteen different races are set to take place over the course of the weekend, and numerous races throughout the weekend have massive prize pots such as the USD$1.5m Ministry of Culture Al Mneefah Cup.

But, it is the World's Richest Race, the Saudi Cup (upon which the weekend truly pivots) that offers a staggering USD$20 million prize pot, which only adds to the hot competition.

Horse racing has evolved into a cherished pastime and a symbol of prestige in Saudi society, with the nation hosting a number of prestigious equestrian events attracting top riders and breeders from around the world to come together in the Kingdom.

Creating endless opportunities, the Kingdom continues to invest heavily in state-of-the-art breeding and training facilities, and hosts world-class racing events, each element only lending to further solidify the nation's position as a pivotal global hub for the sport and the breeding of exceptional race horses.

Watched around the world, the Saudi Cup 2024 will be streamed live in the United States, and numerous countries in Europe, Asia and beyond. For Saudi residents who didn't manage to nab a ticket, the main fixtures of the weekend will be streamed live on X (formally Twitter) via @TheSaudiCup and on YouTube, right here.

Not just famed for the horse racing, the much-loved and much-lauded event has become a vibrant celebration of Saudi sports, entertainment, gastronomy, and cultural offerings - and of course, fashion. Renowned for attracting the most fashionable in the city and from afar, the Saudi Cup is known for it's unparalleled elegance and allure, and has become a highlight of Riyadh's social calendar, alongside being a prestigious fixture in the global horse racing circuit.

February 23 & 24, King Abdulaziz Racecourse, Riyadh