A niche perfumery has bottled the scent of AlUla

A niche perfumery has bottled the scent of AlUla

The worlds of luxury fragrance and culture collide with the wearable essence of AlUla by Penhaligons
13 February 24
AlUla by Penhaligons

AlUla has long been equally synonymous with both local culture and luxury, and now these two elements overlap in this newly released scent, aptly named — AlUla.

This will be the first scent created by the Penhaligons fragrance house that embodies the ancient history and culture of Saudi Arabia, this is set to be a popular scent in Kingdom upon its official release in March.

Joining a number of already established scents, AlUla will be the newest addition to the Penhaligon's Trade Routes collection: a series of fragrances that aim to bring the wearer on the journey through a number of ancient and historic destinations, creating memories and capturing moments of a bygone era. This nostalgia inspired collection already includes Babylon, Cairo, Constantinople and Petra, alongside the brand's iconic and signature Halfeti fragrance.

Although Penhaligons is a traditional British fragrance atelier, a selection of the brand's most popular and signature scents — specifically in the Trade Routes collection — pivot on the unique spice blends, incenses and indescribable depth of oud and other traditional essences used and preferred in the Middle East.

Packaged in a red-brown, sand coloured box with gold accents and a palm tree design, the packaging is reminiscent of the natural desert landscape of AlUla. The bottle will also feature similar illustrations, and will be topped with a woven material bow of Arabic inspired design.

Scent Profile

Described as a unisex scent, AlUla is set to satisfy the gnawing longing for the ancient destination in a complex and encapsulating fragrance: an opening bouquet of warm aromatic spices and saffron acknowledges the location as a local Trade Route, this then falls into enveloping scent of tobacco and patchouli and a unique blend of fresh and spicy black pepper, and a fruity nose of dark plum.

According to online fragrance encyclopedia, Fragrantica, AlUla by Penhaligons boasts 'top notes' or opening aroma of black pepper, cardamom and frankincense, which is then followed by 'middle notes' or the core and pivotal smell of plum, saffron and tobacco. The long-lasting and skin settling scents of aromatic turmeric and rich, creamy vanilla.

Spicy, smoky and slightly sweet, this fragrance was created to remind the wearer of a trip to AlUla, the smell of familiar spices and in-season fruit lingering on the desert breeze.

Scent & Memories

It is well-known that scents often trigger memories or creates lasting moments. But, why do humans link scent with memories?

Usually this action is subconscious, and happens unbeknownst to us. The human brain can attach a particular scent with a moment in time, and from then on the scent evokes these memories reminding us of a particular moment, celebration or time of year. It is a natural human response that upon encountering a specific scent, our brain cross-references it with stored memories, or equally, it may make note and link that scent with a moment thus creating a scent memory.

When a particular scent aligns with a memory, the link between the body's olfactory system (the bodily structures and receptors that serve to add or acknowledge sense of smell) and the limbic system (the part of the brain involved in determining our behavioural and emotional responses) is activated and so brings to the fore emotions, memories, recollections and often the unexplained feeling of déjà vu.

Despite being a natural phenomenon, it is also something that can be tailored and actioned by design, this is evident in modern day wedding customs, and it is this link that has become a pivotal reason why brides and grooms choose a specific 'wedding day fragrance', so that they will always link that scent with a memorable day.

AlUla EDP, Expected to launch on March 1,
Ground Floor, Riyadh Park Mall, Northern Ring Branch Road, Riyadh