The first movie to be filmed in NEOM is now in cinemas

The first movie to be filmed in NEOM is now in cinemas

The independent, home-grown feature film 'Within Sand' began shooting in March 2022, and is now screening in cinemas across the Kingdom
15 February 24
Within Sands: NEOM Image source: IG: redseafilm

Within Sand is the first film produced in Saudi Arabia's NEOM region to be screened in cinemas.

Written and directed by the talented Saudi film maker Mo Alatawi, Within Sands is a dramatic adventure film that tells the tale of Snam, a young tobacco merchant who begins the odyssey of traveling back to his village where his wife is due to give birth to their first child.

Alas (like any good story) the journey is not straightforward. After he is attacked by thieves and left for dead, Snam is then left to fight for his own survival, battling not only the physical challenges of this desert passage but also his inner demons, clinging desperately to his sanity - all whilst being tracked by a relentless, lone wolf that is waiting for him to give up.

Filming for Within Sands began in 2022, and in the same year the film was nominated and screened as part of the Red Sea International Film Festival.

Showcasing the talents of an all-Saudi cast led by Ra’ed Alshammari, Adwa Fahd, Muhand Alsaleh, Fatima Alsharif and Obaid Alwadaani, Within Sands is an Arabic language film and its production was supported by the Saudi Film Commission and NEOM Media Industries. This is also a debut film production for Alsarid Films.

The NEOM region has provided the backdrop for other films such Shahrukh Khan's latest Bollywood movie Dunki, to Captain AmericaDesert WarriorRise of the Witches and most recently was announced as the location for brand new Hollywood blockbuster, Riverman, directed by Oscar award-winning Irish movie director Terry George.

In cinemas from February 15,
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