5 adventure activities for an adrenaline rush in AlUla

5 adventure activities for an adrenaline rush in AlUla

From swinging off the side of a mountain, to hiking to the edge of an ancient volcano or seeing AlUla from above, this is the ideal destination for adventure seekers
01 March 24
Khaybar GeoPark Hikes: AlUla

Welcome to the thrilling world of adventure activities.

AlUla is more than luxurious desert resorts and indulgent dining experiences, AlUla is perfect for adventure seekers: it is a destination where breathtaking landscapes and exhilarating experiences await.

Embark on a journey through the ancient wonders of this region, where you can soar above the majestic desert plains in a hot air balloon, witnessing the awe-inspiring beauty of the landscape from above. Or, for those seeking a more active adventure, why not challenge yourself with a volcano hike, trekking through rugged terrain to explore the raw, untamed beauty of the desert. Or, maybe swinging off the side of a mountain appeals to the adrenaline buzz a little more?

There is an adventure activity for everyone in AlUla.

AlUla Giant Swing

Not for the faint-of-heart, this is one of the most thrilling activities AlUla has to offer. Hike for about 20 minutes until you reach the mountain's peak, get strapped up, pop your helmet on and take a deep breath, its time to embrace any fears you have! Once you take the leap of faith, you'll swing over 85 meters above the ground, gliding in a thrilling 70-meter arc.

From SAR 250 per person
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AlUla Helicopter Tour

If you're visiting AlUla and hoping to indulge in a truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience, a helicopter tour over AlUla could be just the ticket. With space for up to 5 people, the helicopter tour will take to the skies, and you will be able to take in the breathtaking beauty of desert landscapes; it is also the most ideal way see iconic landmarks such as Elephant Rock and the UNESCO World Heritage site, Hegra.

From SAR 995 per person
AlFursan Helicopter Visitor Center
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AlUla Hot Air Balloons

Another one of a kind experience: watch the sun rise over the rock faces and expansive landscape of AlUla from 1200 metres above the ground. A soft, enchanting and enjoyable hot air balloon experience - all whilst taking in the incredible views over AlUla, this is the perfect adventure. Enjoy water, coffee and dates ahead of your flight and savour the in-depth pilot's story telling as you make memories that will last a lifetime. As these flights take place before sunrise, we recommend wrapping up warm so that you can really enjoy the hot air balloon experience. And, make sure your phone is charged, this is a sunrise you will most definitely want to share on your feed.

From SAR995 per person, 3 hour flight
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AlUla Stairway & Zipline

Now, this is the perfect activity for the adrenaline-addicted: say hello to the AlUla Stairway. A unique double whammy, this attraction in AlUla is bound to get the heart racing. Climb to the top of the AlUla Stairway, a 45-metre ladder suspended overground and leading to the peak of a sheer rock face. Once you reach the top, the only way to get back down to the valley floor below is an exhilarating zipline descent. If you can manage to take a peek, the views from the top are pretty cool too!

From SAR 150 per person
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Khaybar GeoPark Hikes: White Volcano

Enjoy a guided tour to the edge of Khaybar's White Volcano. Both thrilling and interesting, this four hour tour is worth every second for the views of the ancient volcanic crater. Venturing through relatively undiscovered terrain, this adventure invites you to be among the first explorers in the region to enjoy and savour the views over this geological wonder.

From SAR 180 per person
Khaybar Volcano Camp
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