Reasons why a night at the Maraya will be the perfect Eid al-Fitr celebration

Reasons why a night at the Maraya will be the perfect Eid al-Fitr celebration

Set to take over the Maraya for one night only, this will be a musical performance like no other
31 March 24

Although the Holy Month is just about to begin, preparations are already in full swing across the Kingdom for Eid celebrations.

One such exciting announcement is that AlUla's stunning mirrored concert hall, the Maraya, will host a one-of-a-kind entertainment and musical extravaganza - introducing, The Miami Show.

And here are three reasons why you should book your tickets:

Miami Band to Headline

Known as one of the most talented music groups in the Arab world, Miami Band have been announced as the headline act taking to the iconic stage at the Maraya in AlUla. The Bahrani group was founded in 1991 by Tariq Qassem Muhammad, Khaled Abdul Jalil Al-Randi, Laila Muhammad, and Mishaal Saleh Laili.

be among the over 50 performers gracing the stage to deliver an unforgettable evening in Saudi Arabia’s historic city.

The Miami Show will feature more than 100 performers.

Music & Theatre

The production team and performers are set to deliver a captivating theatrical and musical extravaganza.

Featuring a lineup of more than 100 performers at the acclaimed Maraya venue, The Miami Show promises an unparalleled musical experience. Taking their renowned vivacious and dynamic performance to AlUla, The Miami Show delivers a captivating theatrical musical extravaganza. This cherished band captivates the audience with stunning visual effects, synchronized acts, and melodious music, commemorating the journey of the region's foremost band throughout the years.

Maraya, AlUla