Enchanting Swan Lake ballet to take centre stage in Riyadh

Enchanting Swan Lake ballet to take centre stage in Riyadh

Tickets are now available for this exquisite performance by Moscow Ballet La Classique
11 March 24
Swan Lake Ballet Image source: IG moscowballetlc

Swan Lake, the timeless masterpiece composed by Tchaikovsky, is set to grace the stage at Princess Nourah Bint Abdul Rahman University in Riyadh for just one date - May 3.

Established in 1990, Moscow Ballet La Classique has performed on stages across the world, and now Creative and Artistic Director Elik Melikov is set to bring the troupe to Saudi Arabia.

What is the story of Swan Lake?

Swan Lake is one of the most beloved and enduring ballets of all time; it tells the enchanting story of Princess Odette, who is cursed by the evil Rothbart to spend her days as a swan, and only true love can break the curse. Prince Siegfried is captivated by Odette's beauty, poise and grace, he promises his love and loyalty to her. However, Rothbart deceives Siegfried by presenting his daughter, Odile, as Odette, leading to tragic consequences. The ballet delves into themes of love, betrayal, and the eternal struggle between good and evil, all set to Tchaikovsky's hauntingly beautiful music compositions.

This story is all told through dance and music, leading to an emotive performance that truly connects with the audience.

When will Swan Lake be coming to Riyadh?

The Swan Lake tale will be performed by a troupe of exceptional professional ballet dancers from the Moscow Ballet La Classique, there will be two performances of the classic ballet; a matinee at 3pm and evening performance beginning at 8pm on Friday May 3.

Currently there is just one date announced for this performance.

How long will the performance be?

This performance of Swan Lake will be split into two 50 minute acts. There will be a 15 minute interval in between each act to allow the audience stretch and reflect before the second act begins.

Where can I buy tickets for this performance of Swan Lake?

Tickets are available for immediate purchase via Platinum List, with prices starting at SAR200. Click here to purchase tickets.

Friday May 3, Tickets from SAR200,
Red Theatre, Princess Nourah Bint Abdul Rahman University, Riyadh

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