Lionel Messi unveiled as the face of homegrown Saudi fashion brand Sayyar

Lionel Messi unveiled as the face of homegrown Saudi fashion brand Sayyar

Sayyar have partnered with the sports star for their latest campaign showcasing traditional Saudi dress
14 March 24
Lionel Messi Unveiled as Face of Saudi Men's Fashion Brand, Sayyar

This week, Saudi Arabian brand Sayyar unveiled Lionel Messi as their newest model and brand ambassador, showcasing their latest campaign through images and video published to their Instagram page.

Often hailed as one of the greatest footballers of all time, the Argentinian sports star has been a household name for years due to his undeniable football prowess.

Following numerous stellar performances for top-class European teams like FC Barcelona and Paris Saint-Germain, Messi recently made headlines by signing with and playing for the MLS club Inter Miami CF in the United States.

This is a move that is set to ensure the men's fashion brand will become an even more popular shopping destination in the Kingdom, and beyond.

Dressed in a traditional white, collared thawb, the advertisement also shows Lionel Messi wearing the customary, local dress of Saudi Arabia. The footballer also sports an intricately woven red and white head scarf, known as a ghutra, which often worn by men in the Kingdom, and this head piece is then held in place by a black igal, or a rope-like cord.

Although it might seem like an interesting and offbeat step for a men's traditional-wear brand to feature a non-Arab as the face of their newest campaign, this is likely expected to be a successful step for Sayyar. Not only will this draw in potential new customers from around the Kingdom, but also serves to introduce the Sayyar brand to the rest of the world and the Gulf region.

Selling an array of ghutra, and other traditionalwear including a vest collection for both men and boys, the company also sells all sorts of undergarments, as well as a perfume line.

Messi's success coupled with humility and sportsmanship have earned him admiration both on and off the pitch, solidifying his status as a true icon and ambassador of sports. Beyond his prowess as a footballer, the athlete has worked with a number of charities and in January of this year, Messi was declared an ambassador for Saudi Arabian tourism by the Saudi Tourism Authority.