Visit an exhibit of gilded and rare Holy Qurans in Riyadh

Visit an exhibit of gilded and rare Holy Qurans in Riyadh

Coinciding with the Holy Month of Ramadan, the exhibition is being held at the King Abdulaziz Public Library to showcase the creativity and beauty of these rare holy books
19 March 24

A unique exhibition opened this week in Riyadh, showcasing more than 40 rare and intricate copies of the Holy Quran.

The exhibition has been curated by and is showcased within the King Abdulaziz Public Library in the capital's Al Muraba Quarter, and will particularly interest visitors and researchers who are passionate about Arab and Islamic heritage, culture and the arts.

With a focus on the beauty, intricacy and artistic creativity and the detailed Arabic calligraphy used in each of these exquisite samples, the exhibition is set to delight and intrigue visitors throughout the Holy Month.

Among the holy books on display is an particularly unique Quran, written in the 13th century AD, the book is filled with elaborate and complex depictions of floral and geometric designs: colours and gilding is used throughout the book in the margins and even in the calligraphy and between the lines of text.

The exhibition was opened this week by His Excellency Director General of the King Abdulaziz Public Library, Faisal Abdul Rahman.

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Open 8am - 8pm (Closed on Fridays)
King Abdulaziz Public Library, Al Futah, Riyadh 12632

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