What to Wear Ramadan Edition

What to Wear Ramadan Edition

The Ramadan dress code has us on a search for modest, practical, and versatile pieces that are light, breathable, and comfortable, not to mention uber elegant. With many designers creating exclusive Ramadan collections that include sophisticated conservative designs, combined with cultural influences, there’s an impressive choice of varied and imaginative styles. Here are some by our favourite homegrown brands
27 March 24


NOBLE & FRESH trousers 

With fashion trends always evolving, cargo pants have undergone several modern reinterpretations. If you’re looking for simplicity and a hint of edge, then NOBLE & FRESH delivers. As a part of a collection inspired by Diriyah, the NAF Diriyah Sunset trousers highlight beautiful hues of the sun sinking on the pocket. Pair it with a crisp shirt for a more polished ensemble or a T-shirt for a laid-back look.  

425 SAR


Zayan rosary 

While not typically considered a fashion accessory, it’s quite fitting to incorporate rosary beads into an outfit as a personal statement at this time of year. This limited edition, snake design Malachite rosary from Zayan, with green tourmaline, diamond, and silver, adds a touch of uniqueness to any outfit and perfectly complements a thobe.  

4500 SAR


1886 shirt  

Ombre is making a comeback this year, so if you want to experiment with this trend, but not go all out, then this 1886 piece provides the perfect balance between colour and fit. The oversized beige shirt, which comes with a pocket, adds a hint of classiness. For an elevated night out look, style it with dress pants. 

 430 SAR


Abroad shoes 

Feel and look comfortably fashionable with a balance of classic charm and contemporary flair. Handmade in Italy with genuine leather, these black and white Abroad Penny Loafers don’t only amp up any look but also speak volumes of a man’s refined taste. Pair them with a thobe to achieve an edgy look, a suit, or even a shirt with jeans. 

900 SAR


Noura Sulaiman sudairya 

A versatile and stylish addition to any wardrobe, the new edition of Noura Sulaiman’s luxury Sudairya No.88 in Royal Green is made from fine Italian wool pique. Whether layered over a thobe or a dress shirt, it adds a sophisticated touch to an outfit. 

1739 SAR


Tamashee sandals 

Inspired by cultural designs and patterns, these limited edition Tamashee M.SE sandals with knot detail are made of high quality plain grey camel leather and tan cow leather. Coming with a pop of turquoise on the bottom, they are the ideal footwear this Ramadan. 

890 SAR



Leem kaftan 

The mesh trend is having a revival, so why not rock it this Ramadan? A modern twist on a Najdi jalabiya, Leem’s orange and rose wood Mesh Printed kaftan, featuring a rounded neckline and mesh inset, blends grace and modesty with a contemporary flair. Perfect for all seasons, you can style it with sandals for a casual look or high heels for a glamorous one.  

499 SAR


Razan Alazzouni kaftan  

Sophistication and silk go hand in hand, and with the Dalia kaftan’s light blue flowing fabric and smooth texture, it all gives out a luxurious feel. Combined with intricate hand embroidered details on the v-shaped neckline, this Razan Alazzouni piece embodies the spirit of modest fashion with a touch of opulence.

2400 SAR


KAF BY KAF cardigan   

Abayas are an integral part of Saudi identity, and there’s no better time to celebrate them than during Ramadan. Blending modernity and heritage with fabrics inspired by traditional rugs, this KAF BY KAF pleated cardigan represents a twist on the traditional abaya, making it a versatile and timeless wardrobe staple. 

1,132.75 SAR


Qormuz bag 

Showcasing the rich cultural history of the region, Qormuz’s Al Dalam micro bag is inspired by the bird nesting towers in Al Dalam, while the light green colour is a reference to AlUla’s mountain stones. With its intricate perforated design adding a touch of authenticity, the top handle leather accessory suits any outfit.  

440 SAR


Haifa Humaid stilettos 

You can never go wrong with golden heels. These décolleté LUNA stilettos in genuine golden python leather embody elegance and sophistication. Exclusively handmade in Italy, the natural texture and finish of the leather and the standout heel with black patent finishing add a touch of luxury to any ensemble. 

4560 SAR


Lillian Ismail necklace 

This unique Mini 1/4 Saudi Gold Jeneh Charm necklace from Lillian Ismail seamlessly intertwines cultural heritage with contemporary luxury. Crafted with 18-karat yellow gold and a 21-karat original gold coin, and adorned with intricate writing, in addition to a diamond charm, it makes for the perfect gift this Ramadan. 

4880 SAR