Everything you need to know about King Salman Park

Everything you need to know about King Salman Park

A transformative destination in Riyadh, upon its finalisation, King Salman Park will stand as the largest park in the world
28 March 24

Saudi Arabia always goes big, especially in Riyadh: from the extraordinary visitor numbers seen at the world renowned Riyadh Season, to plans to have the tallest building in the world and the excitement of much anticipated Expo 2030 site.

King Salman Park is set to also be located in the Kingdom's capital city of Riyadh; this destination park will be the ultimate spot for art, culture, recreation, and health on an unprecedented scale.

In July of 2023, it was announced that Riyadh had been pinpointed as a location in the Kingdom where more than 20 new parks and green spaces would be created and made available to local residents. The plan, which supports Vision 2030, aims to create more than 180,000 square metres of parkland with six dedicated playgrounds.

Plans for this park were unveiled by His Royal Highness King Salman Bin Abdulaziz Al Saud in 2019. Since then the proposed park has been named in his honour and is set to span an impressive 13.3 square kilometres.

It is envisioned that the park will act as a year-round attraction, with design that responds to climate conditions. It will encompass a wadi and areas designed for family activities, including mazes and shelters for birds and butterflies. 

Covering an area of 500,000 square metres, The Royal Arts Complex will feature a national theatre, an open-air theatre, three cinemas, and a dedicated arts and culture library. In addition to a variety of museums, including the Museum of World Cultures. 

The Royal Arts Complex
The Visitor's Pavilion

The Visitor's Pavilion serves as the park's entrance, housing a cultural information centre, offering a 360-degree terrace with park views, exhibition areas, meeting facilities, cafes, and restaurants.

The park will also offer connections to the metro station and an urban circuit featuring a round pathway for cycling, jogging, and strolling. Additionally, abundant green spaces and shaded areas will be provided, boasting an impressive one million trees under the Green Riyadh initiative

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