4 Must-Visit Art Centres in Saudi

4 Must-Visit Art Centres in Saudi

Discover some of Saudi's most notable cultural hubs
03 April 23

We all know that Saudi Arabia is a hub for creativity and the arts.

With a wide selection of galleries and centres, the country is spearheading a regional and international arts movement: helping cultivate new and beneficial communities, promoting the creative economy and encouraging residents and tourists alike to visit at the first chance.

We've compiled a list of four must-visit art centres across the country.

Misk Art Institute, Riyadh

Misk Art Institute is a non-profit cultural organization that empowers local artists through providing them with support, expertise, and educational opportunities that allow their creative talents to flourish and blossom.

Through their work, the institute exists solely to support local artists in what they need, helping them fulfill their full potential in the process and creating an accessible art community for everyone. They host monthly workshops, panel discussions, and a series of talks that help engage the audience in conversations surrounding contemporary art ideas.

They are also home to both in-house residencies and international ones hosted in collaboration with international institutions, which provide artists with the perfect opportunity to focus on their work

Al-Ahsa Oasis 

Officially confirmed as a UNESCO Heritage Site in 2018, the Al-Ahsa Oasis has long been locally recognised. Dating back to the Neolithic Era, this little piece of paradise is located in the Eastern province of Saudi Arabia. Boasting a host of springs, wells, canals, and massive palm groves, the area is now, according to the Guinness World Records is considered the largest oasis in the world. The majority of the plants, crops and trees in the oasis are irrigated by approximately sixty natural springs.  

Al Turaif District 

The Al Turaif District is a location where stunning Najdi architectural style takes center stage. Located in Ad-Diriyah, this area was the first home of the Saudi royal family and was named the Kingdom’s first capital city. Settlements such as stone buildings and palaces from the 15th century are still visible to this day, and those interested have studied the architectural techniques and materials used in the erection of these buildings.