AlUla's distinctive visual display to be presented at Milan Design Week

AlUla's distinctive visual display to be presented at Milan Design Week

Design Space AlUla will be showcasing new design projects influenced by the materials of AlUla at the Mediateca Santa Teresa in Brera, the renowned design district of Milan, from April 14 to April 21
04 April 24

The exhibition features works from recent projects launched in the up-and-coming design hub of AlUla, an ancient oasis city with ambitious plans in the creative industries and design sector. The showcased pieces include creations by renowned artists and designers such as Dr. Zahrah Alghamdi, Cristian Mohaded, TAKK (Mireia Luzarraga and Alejandro Muino), and TECHNOCrafts. These works were part of two new design initiatives in AlUla this year - Madrasat Addeera Editions and the AlUla Design Residency, curated by Samer Yamani and Ali Ismail Karami, respectively.

Design Space AlUla

Projects from Madrasaat Addeera Editions include:

- Al Gharameel by Dr. Zahrah Alghamdi, featuring leather pillars embroidered with chamomile flowers.

- AlWaha by Cristian Mohaded, a room divider inspired by Al Khous, weaving palm fronds to represent desert dunes and oases.

- Duna by TAKK, a versatile seating system mirroring the desert's sand undulations.

- Alwadiya by TECHNOCrafts, self-sustaining living pots replicating AlUla's natural cycles and crafted with innovative materials.

Projects from AlUla Design Residency include:

- Peculiar Erosions by Leo Orta, featuring a bench and chairs inspired by AlUla's mud-brick architecture and geological formations.

- From Debris by Raw Materials, showcasing a collection of items crafted from materials found in the oasis, reflecting on craft and labor relationships in AlUla.

- Takki by Leen Ajlan, a modular platform encouraging social interaction and traditional pastimes in recreational spaces.

- Haus Dari by Hall Haus, a seating system reimagining traditional AlUla cushions and diwans for a contemporary perspective on social life.

- Surface! by Bahraini, a stainless steel partition serving as a flexible interface for different public settings.

Nora Aldabal, Executive Director of Arts and Creative Industries at the Royal Commission for AlUla, emphasized how these projects reflect AlUla's development as a design hub while honoring its cultural heritage and natural history.

Created by CLOUD and designer Sabine Marcelis, the exhibition space embodies AlUla as a hub of culture, creativity, and narrative. Centered on light, a central cylinder mimics the sun, illuminating the main area. The floor's dotted design reimagines a traditional AlUla Old Town motif, with the Haus Dari seating system at the heart of the display beckoning visitors to relax and engage.

Design Space AlUla, inaugurated during the AlUla Arts Festival in February 2024, stands as a lasting gallery in AlUla. It serves as a platform for global creatives to explore the inspiration, creative journey, and results of recent design projects in AlUla, Saudi Arabia, acting as the hub for leading design initiatives.