The 'Year of the Camel' continues with second edition of AlUla Camel Cup

The 'Year of the Camel' continues with second edition of AlUla Camel Cup

Next week, AlUla will host four days of thrilling spectacles celebrating speed, skill, and cultural heritage as top riders and exceptional camels converge in the desert
15 April 24
AlUla Camel Cup

In December 2023, it was announced that 2024 would be 'The Year of the Camel', celebrating and honouring the distinctive cultural significance held by camels in the Arabian Peninsula and to Saudi locals.

Known as the 'ship of the desert,' these majestic creatures have been integral to Arab livelihoods for centuries. They've been companions in harsh terrains, providing transportation, milk, and sustenance, and have played pivotal roles in both trade and social customs.

Most recently, the history and culture of camel racing has been depicted in a feature film, Hajjan.

The eagerly awaited AlUla Camel Cup, a race considered to be the pinnacle of camel racing, is set to make its return to AlUla for a second edition, offering a captivating display of speed, expertise, and cultural heritage. This highly anticipated event will once again bring together top riders and the most exceptional camels from the Kingdom and the Arab world, promising an unforgettable experience for all attendees.

Last year's event saw internationally renowned and Oscar-winning actor, Will Smith attend alongside rapper and music producer Swizz Beats.

Taking place over the course of four days, the AlUla Camel Cup will see jockeys and camels taking on various distances, challenges and courses, from 5km and 8km races to the intense marathon-length events. Both male and female jockeys are set to compete in these races.

Set to be a celebration of culture and entertainment, the second edition of the AlUla Camel Cup will be a family friendly affair. Alongside the high-stakes racing, the event will also feature exclusive retail pop ups, a selection of delicious local and international delights at food stalls and on-site restaurants and a number of exciting workshops and music events to keep the whole family entertained.

Prices starting from SAR50
From April 24 - 27, Mughayra Heritage Sports Village, AlUla
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