Laser Facials on Your Lunchbreak: Skin Laundry brings quick, affordable laser facials to Riyadh

Laser Facials on Your Lunchbreak: Skin Laundry brings quick, affordable laser facials to Riyadh

All the way from Los Angeles, the skin wellness brand has officially opened its first location in the Kingdom
19 April 24
Skin Laundry opens in Riyadh

For many facials are often part of our regular wellness and self-care routine.

If you're into your skincare you've probably tried the trending facials such as HydraFacials, facials using LED light, chemical peels and maybe even the slightly scary, micro-needling, PRP 'vampire facial'.

And now, there's a new spot in town for those who favour (or want to try) laser facials.

Bringing knowledge and technology straight from LA, Skin Laundry is a revolutionary skincare concept and brand that offers quick and effective laser and light treatments that aim to rejuvenate and refresh the skin.

With a focus on simplicity and efficiency, the brand aims to individualise treatment based on the skin's needs, with the signature Laser Facial being the most popular. The Signature Laser facial targets most common skin concerns such as acne, dullness, and uneven texture, leaving the skin looking brighter, smoother, and more radiant.

Skin Laundry aims to offer clients a non-invasive approach, utilising cutting-edge laser technology at an affordable price point, making professional skincare accessible to everyone. Quick and effective, with little to no downtime post-treatment, it is the ideal for a bit of lunchtime self-love.

Offering way more than just laser facials Skin Laundry Riyadh will also offer an array of facials including micro-needling using the much-talked about RF machine, HIFU Ultraformer for skin tightening and snatching the jawline, laser hair removal and more, the Riyadh branch will also offer a number of aesthetic treatments.

Although Skin Laundry already has multiple locations around the world including London, California, Hong Kong and even the UAE, this new Riyadh location will be the first outlet for the brand in Saudi.

Cenomi U Walk, King Saud University, Riyadh 12373