Trendsetter and fashion icon Georgina Rodriguez graces the cover of Hia Magazine

Trendsetter and fashion icon Georgina Rodriguez graces the cover of Hia Magazine

Step into Georgina Rodriguez's world as she explores Saudi Arabia's culture and heritage, showcasing elegance and grace in a mesmerising photoshoot captured by Esra Sam
10 May 24
جورجينا رودريغيز، مجلة "هي"، عدد مايو 2024

Hia, the foremost Arabic luxury lifestyle publication, proudly presents Georgina Rodriguez, partner of football legend Cristiano Ronaldo, on the cover of its May 2024 edition.

Entitled "Georgina of Arabia," the cover story celebrates Georgina’s embrace of Saudi Arabia through a photoshoot that blends her distinctive style with cultural elements reflecting the Kingdom’s heritage, whilst also offering readers an intimate glimpse into her life as she immerses herself in life in the Kingdom.

From her candid Q&A discussing her relocation to Saudi Arabia and her family's adjustment to her reflections on motherhood and her fairytale romance with Cristiano Ronaldo, readers will be captivated by Georgina's journey.

With stunning imagery captured by acclaimed photographer Esra Sam, Georgina's exploration of Saudi Arabia—from the vibrant streets of Riyadh to the tranquil Red Sea landscapes and historic marvels of Al Ula—comes to life. The accompanying photoshoot features designs by renowned Arab heritage designers Yousef Akbar and Nicolas Jebran, reflecting Georgina's passion for blending Saudi style with her own. These images are available to view in Hia’s May issue and across Hia’s social media platforms.

When asked about her love for fashion, Georgina discussed how Saudi fashion has influenced her own personal and unique style, stating: “Here in Saudi Arabia I follow the style and culture mixing it with my own one. I love to wear abayas, I have a beautiful collection from designers and friends from all over the world and I wear them on many occasions and events, I love it!”

Georgina’s passion for Saudi fashion inspired the incorporation of culturally significant elements into the cover shoot. The Hia team was able to showcase Georgina’s embrace of Saudi culture through the horse, symbolising power, and grace, and the desert setting, representing resilience and tradition.

Styled by KJ Moody, known for his work with celebrities like Beyoncé, Georgina radiates elegance and grace. Embracing Saudi culture, Georgina's cover shoot incorporates symbolic elements like horses and desert settings, showcasing her deep connection to the country.

Mai Badr, Editor-in-Chief of Hia, invites readers to join in celebrating Georgina's journey and her embodiment of strength, motherhood, and friendship. Georgina's presence on the cover reflects Hia's commitment to showcasing influential women who redefine standards and inspire change.

With a legacy of featuring remarkable women, Hia continues to champion progress and provide a platform for women to share their stories, inspiring readers through groundbreaking interviews with prominent figures like Queen Rania Al Abdullah of Jordan, Benazir Bhutto, and Her Royal Highness Ambassador Reema Bandar Al Saud.