Qiddiya: Everything we know about the entertainment destination

Qiddiya: Everything we know about the entertainment destination

The groundbreaking entertainment city is set to redefine entertainment experiences with the unveiling of the newly announced Six Flags, a gigantic waterpark and more
10 May 24
مدينة القدية الترفيهية

Dedicated to a diverse array of entertainment offerings, Qiddiya City will become the Kingdom's premier destination for amusement and leisure, and will also likely to become Riyadh's go-to destination for international sporting events and concerts.

The ultimate destination for thrill seekers, adrenalin chasers and water sport enthusiasts, here is everything you need to know about Qiddiya City.

What is Qiddiya City?

Announced in 2017, construction began in 2019, and upon completion in 2025, Qiddiya City is expected to be home to and provide accommodation for more than 600,000 residents and visitors.

Qiddiya City will primarily aim to be an expansive and immersive entertainment destination, however the vision for the city will extend beyond just amusement. The new city is envisioned as a multifaceted hub which will integrate residential, recreational and community aspects. The masterplans reveal 25 distinct districts, allowing Qiddiya City to seamlessly blend entertainment, sports, culture, residential areas, mixed-use spaces, and natural landscapes into a harmonious whole.

Qiddiya will embrace the tagline of 'The Power of Play', ensuring that each element of the entertainment destination will amaze and delight all ages.

Where is Qiddiya City?

Located approximately 40km from Riyadh's Downtown, the entertainment haven of Qiddiya City is expected to be serviced by excellent connectivity to Riyadh City and the King Khalid International Airport through a network of well-developed motorways, roads, and public transportation options.


Now synonymous with ultra ambitious and incredibly exciting projects, Saudi Arabia is set to be home to the largest water park in the Middle East. Ideal for thrill-seekers, Aquarabia will boast 22 rides and water-based experiences aligned with Qiddiya's "Power of Play" philosophy.

Announced by the QIC board of directors, Aquarabia aims to be a major draw for visitors worldwide, boasting as the park's attractions will include four world record holding rides, such as the tallest water coaster and the longest mat racer. Additionally, it will introduce innovative features like an underwater adventure ride with fully submersible cars.

Alongside the wide array of adrenalin inducing water activities, Aquarabia will also include a number of pools and a selection of specifically designed watersport zones for rafting, kayaking, and canyoneering, alongside the Kingdom's first surf pool. The park's design will incorporate elements, themed around ancient desert wellsprings and local wildlife seeking an oasis.

Prince Mohammed Bin Salman Stadium

With its diverse range of entertainment options, Qiddiya City is positioned to become the kingdom's top spot for leisure and recreation. Additionally, it's set to emerge as Riyadh's prime venue for international sporting events and concerts.

Perched atop the cliffs of Tuwaiq and rising more than 200 meters above sea level, the Prince Mohammed Bin Salman Stadium is set to be one of the world's most distinctive sporting and entertainment venues.

Driven by design yet focused on providing an exceptional experience, the stadium, designed by Populus, will utilize cutting-edge technology, including retractable roofs, walls, and fields, enabling year-round use regardless of weather conditions.

Featuring an impressive and uniquely retractable LED wall, spanning hundreds of meters along the horizon, the stadium ensures an uninterrupted view of concerts or sporting events. Moreover, the stadium walls can be opened to reveal vistas of the natural landscape of Tuwaiq, embracing the breathtaking surroundings of the stadium's location.

The multi-purpose Prince Mohammed Bin Salman Stadium will have the capacity to host a seated audience of up to 45,000 at any given time, and up to 60,000 total visitors.

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Six Flags Qiddiya

For those who love that indescribable adrenalin buzz, the entertainment city will also be the location of the region's flagship theme park, Six Flags Qiddiya City.

The family friendly adventure park will have something for everyone, with Six Flags Qiddiya confirming that this Saudi location will be the first Six Flags park developed outside of North America.

Spanning an impressive 320,000 square metres, the new theme park will be home to 28 rides and attractions, with 10 tailored for thrill-seekers and 18 catering to families and young children. Similar to other Six Flags locations, the theme park will be divided into six different, themed zones.

With record-breaking rides, Six Flags Qiddiya will aim to impress even the most seasoned of theme-park lovers; among its remarkable attractions will be Gyrospin, the globe’s tallest pendulum ride, Sirocco Tower, and Iron Rattler, the epitome of tilt coasters, in addition to what is set to be the world’s tallest free-standing shot tower ride; Spitfire. However, Falcon’s Flight will be the park's signature (and soon to be most sought after) ride which aims to hold several titles as the world’s longest, tallest, and fastest rollercoaster ride.


Speed Park Track

One of the many unique entertainment venues within Qiddiya City will be Speed Park Track.

The racetrack will become the venue for the largest international motorsport championships globally, and potentially even F1 races. At the foot of the Tuwaiq Mountains, this perfectly engineered race track will be able to accommodate high-speed cars, and will boast an impressive 21 corners and an elevation gain of over 108 meters per lap. The most impressive of which will be an elevated turn dubbed The Blade, where racers will find themselves 20 storeys high.

Spectators will enjoy multiple viewing terraces positioned along the track, and of course paddock areas for VIPs offering optimal vantage points.

Golf Courses

For all the golf enthusiasts looking to add a new course to their belt, the sprawling Qiddiya Golf Course will be one to add to your list. It is expected that the Qiddiya Golf Course cover an area of 1.6 million m2, and that it will feature two distinct 18-hole courses, set will draw world-class talent.

Aligned with Vision 2030

Abdullah Aldawood, Managing Director of QIC, emphasised the parks' important role in diversifying the economy and creating job opportunities, in keeping with the pillars of Vision 2030. It is estimated that a total of 10,000 direct and indirect jobs, contributing significantly to the Kingdom's economic goals.

It is also expected that the Qiddiya City project will add 135 billion SAR to the Kingdom's GDP each year it is up and running, stemming from expected international events taking place, alongside visitors from across Saudi, the wider GCC region and the world.

In line with Vision 2030, Qiddiya City will uphold a strong commitment to sustainability. Both Aquarabia and Six Flags Qiddiya City will implement innovative technologies to minimise water waste and reduce energy consumption. These efforts include using recycled water for park irrigation and cooling, as well as specialised filtration systems to reduce waste.

Other Projects

A series of other exciting developments in Qiddiya City, include the world's first Gaming and Esports District and a Dragon Ball Z theme park.