WATCH: Inside the museums of Jeddah Park

WATCH: Inside the museums of Jeddah Park

Explore the rich heritage of Saudi Arabia through four captivating museums nestled within the vibrant Jeddah Park
15 May 24

It's no secret that Saudi Arabia is rich in history and continues to celebrate its deep rooted local and Bedouin culture.

From cherishing wholesome dishes of eras gone-by, to continuing to embrace the tradition of camping and celebrating local artisans, the Kingdom is also home to a number of internationally recognised museums across the nation.

Jeddah Park is located on Prince Muhammad Bin Abdulaziz Street, and the relatively new city-centre location stands as one of the city's expansive shopping and entertainment destinations. Spanning an impressive area of 500,000 square meters, this recently established centre welcomes visitors with a captivating dancing fountain at its entrance, and comprises four floors, including hotel towers, and hosts the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's inaugural museum of Islamic art.

The Museums of Jeddah Park

There are four museums within the Jeddah Park destination.

House of Islamic Arts: The first museum specialising in Islamic arts in Saudi Arabia. +1000 pieces of art across 15 centuries of Islamic history from across the world.

Al Makkatain: The history of the two holy cities, Mecca and Medina, through historical drawings and paintings by Muslim and non-Muslim painters over the past five centuries. It also includes photographs from 1880 AD until the present day.

Alshefaa Museum or the Museum of Healing: The first museum dedicated to highlighting the history of Islamic medicine and surgery. It shows the achievements of Muslim scholars and how they contributed to building the foundations of the treatment methods we use today.

Milestones of Arabia: The work of Professor Abdullah Hussein Alkadi, who spent more than 15 years both in and out of the field researching, analysing, and reflecting on the significance of 55 milestones—dating from the 8th to mid-9th centuries AD—guiding travellers along the Caravan Trade Route.