Quiet luxury trend continues as Aesop opens under-the-radar in Riyadh

Quiet luxury trend continues as Aesop opens under-the-radar in Riyadh

Known for its signature, medicinal-style packaging and monochrome labels, Aesop has opened its first standalone store in the Kingdom, in Via Riyadh
24 May 24
أول متاجر إيسوب في فيا رياض، المصدر: إنستغرام aesopskincare

High-end yet understated, Aesop is recognised by those in the know.

An Australian skincare brand renowned for its distinctive approach to skin and body care, Aesop blends balanced botanical ingredients with sleek, minimalist packaging, and the brand pivots on sustainability and ethical practices.

The product stands out on any shelf and embodies a timeless simplicity, the Australian skin, hair and body care brand has been making waves for over thirty years, and is both understated and instantly recognised by luxury seekers around the world.

Loved by their customers for the high-quality and natural formulations of their products, it is the unique in-store experience that also puts this store on the map.

Chic, clean, minimalistic, the store ensures the products and the ingredients are the selling point. Focussing on welcoming yet pared back architecture and sleek design elements, the in-store experience pivots away from the lavish opulence chosen by many other skincare and wellness brands.

Often lime-washed or with rough, textural terracotta walls, Aesop stores favour and lean towards a simplified store shell, with curved edges, structural shelving and foliage, each detail ensuring the products act as the essential elements.

Each store is designed to reflect natural elements of the city or country in which it is found; taking inspiration from the landscape and the natural, raw materials. The first Saudi based Aesop store is set to embrace the colours and ridges of the sand dunes found in the Saudi Arabian desert.


Via Riyadh, Al Hada, Riyadh 12912