Jeddah Season 2024: When, where and what's going on

Jeddah Season 2024: When, where and what's going on

Discover the vibrant Red Sea city of Jeddah as Jeddah Season returns for the first time in two years, bringing with it an array of unforgettable events
03 June 24
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Each year, Saudi Arabia celebrates various regions through citywide festivals known as 'Seasons'. The month of June marks the return of the summer celebrations and the beginning of Jeddah Season 2024.

After a two year hiatus, Jeddah Season is set to return the Red Sea city with a bang.

As part of the brand new, Saudi Tourism Authority (STA) campaign, 'Saudi Summer is Next Door', Jeddah Season is set to run for an extended period, and will encourage both local and international tourists to explore the cooler and refreshing wonders of the Kingdom - including Jeddah.

Returning for the first time since 2022, the season will take place over an extended period, with a new theme and new season characters. Residents and visitors can expect a wide variety of incredible events and performances.

Arguably the most famous of the Saudi Arabian celebratory seasons has become the now internationally acclaimed Riyadh Season. Also extended well beyond its expected time frame, Riyadh Season 2023 ran from September 2023, right through to March, with some Riyadh Season branded events such as the head-to-head fight between Fury and Usyk taking place in May. Riyadh Season has also extended for the first time, beyond the Kingdom, with a Riyadh Season event set to take place in LA, in August.


As the season name might suggest, Jeddah Season takes place in various locations throughout the Red Sea city of Jeddah.

Various events zones and entertainment hubs are set to take up residence in iconic Jeddawi locations such as Ash Shati, Al Andalus, the Jeddah Promenade and the Corniche Circuit area, City Walk, Al Balad and the Jeddah Yacht Club.  


Usually taking place over the summer months, in previous years Jeddah Season has run for two months, beginning in June and running until the end of July. The official launch date has been unveiled as June 28.

However, it is expected that this year's edition of Jeddah Season will run for an extended period over four months, from June through to September. This will be the first edition to take place for longer than 60 days.

Jeddah Season 2024 Theme

Jeddah Season 2024 is set to take place under the banner theme of 'Once Again'.

A number of season characters have been unveiled on the the official Instagram page.

What's Going On

One of the Kingdom's most anticipated festivals, Jeddah Season offers visitors a vibrant tapestry of culture, entertainment, music, and family-friendly events, with a variety of exciting summer activities.

From previous seasons, we know that the port city comes alive at night: local street performers entertain adults and children alike, visitors can try a selection of pop-up dining experiences and a fun-fair, festival atmosphere takes over the city.

Although the full schedule of events has not yet been unveiled, it is rumoured that a number of exciting events are set to take place during this year's edition of Jeddah Season. One such event, a massive international sporting event, has confirmed to take place as part of Jeddah Season, marking the official start of the season, and tickets are now on sale.

World Pool Championship 2024

Type: Pool (Snooker)
When: June 3 - 8
Where: Green Halls, Jeddah

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Jeddah Season 2024
From June 28 - September 2024