WATCH: This is what its like inside teamlab Borderless

WATCH: This is what its like inside teamlab Borderless

Potentially the most anticipated experiential museum to open in Saudi, teamLab Borderless officially launched in Jeddah on Monday – and we were the first to visit
11 June 24

On Monday June 10, Saudi Ministry of Culture (MoC) and teamLab unveiled 'teamLab Borderless Jeddah,' in Jeddah's Historic District of AlBalad.

Jeddah's historic district is experiencing a renaissance, a place where the authentic and traditional, meets the modern and new, teamLab Borderless is set to lie at the centre. This innovative museum isn't just a collection of artworks; it's a boundless world conceived by the art collective teamLab.

Forget traditional museums with their static exhibits. Set to shape the future of immersive art experiences, teamLab Borderless plunges you into a world of boundless creativity, a world envisioned by the art collective teamLab.

Here, artworks transcend the confines of walls, each piece projecting or interacting and influencing each other, resulting in a wondrous and awe-inspiring and a seamlessly interconnected experience. The physical boundaries of the traditional museum format dissolve in front of your eyes, and visitors are invited to wander, explore, sit, embrace, discover and experience the art at thei20r own pace.

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Tickets from SAR50
Culture Square, Al Balad, Jeddah

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