14 Arabic superstars have been announced for eSports Concert Series

14 Arabic superstars have been announced for eSports Concert Series

Not just about esports, the world's largest gaming extravaganza will also host a number of concerts this summer
25 June 24
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Saudi Arabia is gearing up to host, what will be arguably the world's largest and most exciting ESports tournament.

Although the Esports World Cup will be one of the largest gatherings of gamers from around the world, in a competitive setting, the tournament is set to extend beyond gaming as a number of concerts have been announced.

Fourteen Arabic superstars will perform in a series of 9 concerts that have been announced to take place over the course of the Esports World Cup.

Esports World Cup Concert Series

Aiming to appeal to more than just gaming enthusiasts, the team behind the inaugural edition of the Esports World Cup in Riyadh, have announced a concert series set to take place over the eight weeks of the tournament.

Some of the biggest names in Arabic music will perform live across three different arenas, including the Mohammed Abdo Arena and the Abu Bakr Salem Theatre.

Just announced this week, the jam-packed line up of fourteen Arabic and Saudi superstars, is set to include massive names in music such as Nancy Arjam, Majid Almohandis and Tamer Hosny.

  • July 5: Majid Almohandis - Mohammed Abdo Arena
  • July 10: Abdul Majeed Abdullah - Boulevard City Lake Area
  • July 21: Asala and Ahmed Saad - Mohammed Abdo Arena
  • July 29: Amima Talib, Fahd Al-Kubisi and Rashed Al-Fares - Mohammed Abdo Arena
  • August 6: Nabil Shaeel and the Miami band - Mohammed Abdo Arena
  • August 8: Tamer Hosny - Abu Bakr Salem Theatre
  • August 12: Ahlam and Nawal Al Kuwaiti - Mohammed Abdo Arena
  • August 15: Nancy Ajram and Ayed - Abu Bakr Salem Theatre
  • August 22: Muhammad Hamaqi - Abu Bakr Salem Theatre

Everything You Need to Know About Esports World Cup

Slated to take place over the course of eight weeks this summer, from July 3 to August 25, the Esports World Cup will replace the Gamers8 convention. The groundbreaking competition will not just for pro players; it is designed to bring together both professional esports athletes and passionate gaming enthusiasts in an annual competition series.

The high octane competition will take place in Riyadh's Boulevard City, and is set to have one of the largest prize pools egaming has ever seen. Over the eight weeks of head-to-head competition for both individuals and teams, a staggering USD$60,000,000 will be up for grabs across 19 different egaming competitions.

Tickets are now on sale, starting at just SAR 12, making this the perfect opportunity to witness esports history in the making. Don't miss out – grab your tickets and join the electrifying atmosphere!

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Esports World Cup
From July 3 - August 25. Tickets from SAR12,
Boulevard City, Hittin, Riyadh 13516

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More to come on concert details and tickets...