Assouline releases new, luxe coffee table books exploring AlUla

Assouline releases new, luxe coffee table books exploring AlUla

Expect stunning original photography alongside captivating illustrations and artwork, these books are a celebration of AlUla's unique desert landscape and cultural heritage
26 June 24
Assouline Unveils AlUla Flora: A Botanical Treasure

Since the popularisation of interior design through social media channels such as Instagram and Pinterest, Assouline has garnered fans around the world, and in turn solidified its position as a luxury publishing house, whose books are found in the homes of celebrities.

Although Assouline has already published some ten deluxe coffee table books on Saudi Arabia, and the unique culture of the Kingdom, the published has unveiled several new titles focussing on the Kingdom: AlUla Flora: A Botanical Treasure, Camels from Saudi Arabia and AlUla Old Town: An Oasis of Heritage.

If I were to choose where to reside, I would choose to reside in AlUla City.

King Salman Bin Abdulaziz al Saud

AlUla Flora: A Botanical Treasure

Release Date: June 2024

Released in June 2024, AlUla Flora: A Botanical Treasure is a beautifully designed, silk covered, 232-paged hardback book. Weighing in at an impressive 5.5lbs, it has over 150 illustrations, explanations and high definition images of the natural flora of the AlUla region.

Extending beyond the typical coffee table format, AlUla Flora is a visual narrative of the region's often-overlooked flora. Penned by Professor of Biology at Riyadh's King Saud University, Abdulaziz Assaeed, the author has outlined more than eighty diverse plant and flower species that thrive in AlUla’s rugged landscape.

Shedding light on AlUla's significant conservation efforts, the book not only outlines the unique flora of the region, but it also delves into the importance of protecting and re-wilding AlUla's ecosystems, in order to future-proof and encourage the preservation of these native plant species for generations to come.

AlUla Old Town: An Oasis of Heritage

Release Date: July 2024

Assouline's newest title AlUla Old Town: An Oasis of Heritage, explores the heart and essence of AlUla Old Town, with more than 150 images showcasing AlUla's traditional mudbrick architecture and bustling marketplaces.

Through commentary by the AlUla-born author, Dr. Abdullah bin Adam Saleh Naseef, the 224-page book delves deeper into the history and heritage of the ancient city, uncovering the stories behind the city's well-preserved structures and the resilience of its people who have safeguarded their way of life for centuries, and the juxtapositioning of modern life in an ancient town.

Camels from Saudi Arabia (Classic)

Release Date: April 2024

Celebrating the dedication of 2024 as the Year of the Camel in Saudi Arabia, this newly released Assouline title explores the symbiotic, centuries long relationship between Saudis and the animal known as 'ships of the desert'.

With breathtaking visuals of windswept sand dunes stretching to the horizon, punctuated by the solitary outline of a camel, and dotted silhouettes etched against the blazing sun atop red sandy ridges, this is a beautiful depiction of the camels of Saudi Arabia. Alongside the detailed imagery, the commentary allows the reader to gain a deeper appreciation for this iconic creature, as a symbol of resilience and the enduring spirit of the Arabian people, tracing camels back to ancient folklore, poetry and even rock inscriptions now recognised by UNESCO.

Written by Ghada AlMuhanna Abalkhail, a cultural and media advisor with a focus on the Arabian Peninsula. Through her writing and research Abalkhail recognises the need for a more authentic representation of Saudi life and history, and genuine acknowledgement of the region's rich history and local culture.

So, what exactly makes Assouline books so popular?

Founded in 1994, this brand has carved a niche in the market by specialising in high-end coffee table books, and often brightly coloured, aesthetically pleasing spines and covers. Forget paperbacks and dog-eared novels – Assouline's large, hardback offerings are visual feasts (even to the untrained eye), crafted with meticulous attention to detail.

The production quality is exceptional; detailed photos are printed on luxurious paper, boasting beautiful layouts and intricate details. But it is the aesthetic exterior and well-designed spines that elevate these coffee table books from mere books to coveted objects and status symbols.

However, the appeal of Assouline's titles goes beyond just the beauty of design, Assouline curates its topics with a discerning eye, often offering fresh perspectives on familiar subjects such as the history and heart behind Saudi Arabian dates, and the inner-workings and finer details of European time pieces. Their books are known to be informative and engaging, captivating both casual readers and enthusiasts alike.

There is a growing sense of exclusivity associated with owning an Assouline book; seen as a symbol of luxury, culture, and a sophisticated lifestyle. The stunning visuals and diverse range of topics also make them the perfect gift, offering a luxurious and thoughtful gesture for any occasion. In essence, Assouline books aren't just a source of information; they're a luxurious experience, a conversation starter, and a way to express appreciation for beauty and culture.

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