St. Regis Riyadh: Via Riyadh's only hotel is set to open on October 1

St. Regis Riyadh: Via Riyadh's only hotel is set to open on October 1

Previously slated to open in September, the lavish St. Regis Riyadh will open in just one month
01 September 23
Via Riyadh: St Regis Riyadh

Since its opening in May of this year, Via Riyadh has become a popular dining and shopping destination.

Combining true luxury with traditional architectural charm, the Via Riyadh development is the perfect balance of old and new. With the tagline — 'the world’s premier destination for experiencing luxury, steeped in local tradition and heritage' — the importance of maintaining some traditional aspects of historic Salmani architecture, is truly evident.

The much-anticipated opening of St. Regis Riyadh is now confirmed as being just one month away.

Inspired by the rich historical aspects of the area, much like other St. Regis locations, St. Regis Riyadh will feature remarkable artworks and installations created by international artists and creative talents.

With a total of 83 rooms, St. Regis Riyadh promises a luxurious and intimate boutique-style stay. This includes 60 guest suites, 22 junior suites, and one Royal Suite. Guests can anticipate the highest standards in interior design, ambiance, and top-notch service during their stay at St. Regis Riyadh.

Palatial and indulgent from start to finish, Via Riyadh's only hotel will even offer a 'butler service', where specially trained butlers will ensure guests have the most relaxing and lavish stay - from ensuring the best restaurant bookings are made to unpacking and dry-cleaning.

Guests will be able to dine at the Jackie O-inspired, Jackie Restaurant. Serving a modern fusion menu of traditional Greek cuisine and iconic New York dishes.

For those hoping to extend the night into the early hours, the rooftop Stella Sky Lounge will boast a stunning view of Riyadh's vast skyline. Relax by the poolside and stay late into the night as the resident DJ provides a soundtrack for your evening.

St. Regis Riyadh will of course, allow guests to luxuriate in a therapeutic haven of wellness at the St. Regis Riyadh Spa that can accommodate up to 40 guests.

Via Riyadh is a hub of activity, offering internationally recognised dining concepts, some of the world's most luxurious cinema offering private movie experiences and innovative, alongside an array of high end shops with one store, MWAZ exploring an interesting experimental, digital approach to shopping.


Via Riyadh, Al Hada, Riyadh 12912, Saudi Arabia