Private island in Scotland on the market for SAR700,000

Private island in Scotland on the market for SAR700,000

Barlocco Island is listed for sale and you won't have to worry about neighbours
16 May 23
Barlocco Island

Interested in purchasing your very own European private island?

With a relatively modest (starting) price tag of £150,000 or approximately SAR700,000, the remote, private Barlocco Island in the Isles of Fleet is officially on the market — with many people interested.

Barlocco Island, Scotland

With views of the Irish Sea, Barlocco Island sits in the Bay of Fleet and stretches for approximately 25 acres and is a haven for local nature and wildlife. The island in the county of Dumfries and Galloway, has a flood pond that provides water for livestock and wildlife during the winter months. And, you'll even get your very own pebbled beach, ideal for a sunny day.

Although a private, European island sounds more than idyllic, there are two (significant) challenges facing any potential buyers — currently, the island has zero infrastructure, and Barlocco Island is not connected to the grid.

Barlocco Island, Scotland

There are no houses or other buildings, paved pathways or roads and no official request to the local council to build on the island, should you be interested in purchasing Barlocco Island, you would have to apply for this planning permission yourself.

Barlocco Island is also not connected to the electricity grid, and the island also has no running water.

Oh, and the island is only accessible by boat or at low tide, by quad bike or by foot over a rocky causeway...

Another important aspect for any potential buyers, is that the island sits within an area that is protected by the Scottish government and is considered an area of significance for local flora, fauna and the natural, classic, sedimentary structures surrounding the island.

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