New Hotels: Authentic AlUla charm meets ultra-luxurious comfort

New Hotels: Authentic AlUla charm meets ultra-luxurious comfort

Making use of traditional mud-brick dwellings and the expansive AlUla vista, these new hotels will bring something unique to the region
25 May 23
Azulik AlUla

Home to a far-stretching landscape of distinct red sand and mammoth rock formations — in addition to the UNESCO recognized site of Hegra — AlUla has undeniably made its mark on both local and international tourists.

Saudi’s AlUla desert destination has already been the chosen location for quintessential wellness and luxurious resort brands such as Banyan Tree and Habitas.

And, as part of the region’s Journey Through Time master plan, the Royal Commission for AlUla (RCU) has confirmed that new luxury desert retreats are in the works, with some making use of the region’s unused and abandoned traditional mud-brick structures, alongside existing buildings will be repurposed to cope with the increasing interest and demand for accommodation in the area.

The Chedi Hegra

Shutterstock Hyserb: UNESCO Hegra

Luxury hotel brand, Chedi, is set to open an opulent, boutique style hotel in Hegra. Paying homage to the local area, the hotel will be built into existing structures such as an unused railway station and areas inside the Hegra Fort.

The venue's interiors are set to be simple and uncomplicated as the brand aims to enhance and recognise the beauty of the original buildings and the natural surroundings.

Slated to open in the last quarter of this year, The Chedi Hegra will have just thirty-five rooms and will be a welcome and interesting addition to the AlUla region.

Dar Tantora

Offering an immersive and authentic experience of Saudi hospitality, Dar Tantora will open in AlUla’s Old Town area. Expected to open in 2024, the unique hotel will transform the traditional mud-brick buildings of the Old Town area into a thirty key boutique accommodation.

With a pool, a luxe destination spa and a vibrant restaurant, Dar Tantora is set to ooze opulence alongside the simplicity of traditional living, embracing the new alongside enhancing and complementing the old.


A hot-spot for tourism, other top rated and well-recognised brands have AlUla in their sights. AZULIK AlUla has been confirmed to open by 2027. The Mexican brand that found fame via social media (and now have over 2.5 million followers on Instagram alone), will focus reconnection through combining an eco-conscious ethos with transformative architectural creations inspired by the natural surrounds of the AlUla region.

Alongside AZULIK, renowned resort brand Aman have confirmed a partnership with the RCU to design and manage three Aman retreats in the AlUla area. Parent brand of the illustrious, celebrity Amangiri retreat, Aman’s AlUla properties will offer guests three distinct, luxury experiences. From an ultra-luxurious desert retreat, to a tented wellness escape and a ranch-style sanctuary, the exciting developments are already in the works.

Aman Hegra is set to be the first of the three resorts to open in 2025, and will showcase expansive views of the UNESCO recognised Hegra region.