Unique Stays: The smallest hotel in the world

Unique Stays: The smallest hotel in the world

Not just any hotel stay, this is a tiny hotel stay - and we're intrigued
18 August 23
World's Smallest Hotel: Trafo Haus

Looking for a unique stay? This could be the escape you've been searching for. You've probably heard of the 'tiny homes' trend that has become popular in recent years, but this is a 'tiny hotel'.

Recognised by the Guinness World of Records as the 'Smallest Hotel in the World' for 2023 in April of this year, Trafo Haus or the Transformer House is just 17.21 square meters.

Located in a town named Bad Segeberg, 50 kilometres northeast of Hamburg, this is far from a traditional hotel experience, but will most definitely be an experience in itself.

Trafo Haus officially opened in June of 2022, and has since turned heads because of its unique size. A converted water house, this building consists of three stories including a double bedroom, mini kitchen and full size bathroom.

Wake up with the sun rising, and sleep beneath the stars under the large glazed ceiling. The bathroom features a rainforest shower and even has a small balcony, whilst the ground floor has a cosy living area and a fully functioning kitchenette. There is also a small patio terrace to sit out on and enjoy the good summer weather.

Other amenities include a flat screen tv, free to use WiFi, a hair dryer and a safe. Meaning you don't even have to leave the tiny hotel if you don't want to.

Prices start at just 189 per night.