A transformative desert experience awaits at Six Senses Southern Dunes

A transformative desert experience awaits at Six Senses Southern Dunes

The final touches are being completed ahead of the opening of this luxurious Red Sea resort
23 August 23
Six Senses Southern Dunes: Red Sea Resort

The Six Senses Southern Dunes is a luxurious resort that is part of the pioneering tourist destination that is being created along the western coast of Saudi Arabia.

Expected to open later this year — although, no actual opening date has been confirmed — the Six Senses Southern Dunes is nearing completion, and a recent video released gives us a glimpse at the newest addition to Saudi's luxurious resort roster.

Although located close to The Red Sea coastline, this will be a desert resort where visitors will be enveloped in the namesake sand dunes of the Red Sea region, and will sit against the expansive landscapes and backdrop of the Hijaz Mountains. The design and architecture of the Six Senses resort will pay homage to the traditional Nabataean heritage.

The luxurious desert camp will run on 100% sustainably created electricity, and aims to set and develop 'new standards in sustainability and desert hospitality'.

What can guests expect? From expansive desert vistas, visitors can expect top-rated dining experiences, numerous sprawling, tented villas with private infinity pools, and large suites with local accents alongside sandy fire-pits and a spa and wellness sanctuary spread over two floors.