Riyadh Airport launches futuristic sleeping pods

Riyadh Airport launches futuristic sleeping pods

The Wassan Lounge is redefining airport comfort with innovative sleeping capsules
28 August 23
Riyadh Airport Capsule Hotel

Riyadh's King Khalid International Airport has unveiled the new Wassan Lounge.

The newly launched Wassan Lounge will elevate the relaxation options for tourists and travellers with a number of futuristic, sleeping pods, lined in a dormitory style. These compact sleeping pods are ideal for travellers with long layovers or experiencing delayed flights who might be hoping to relax or catch up on some sleep.

Each capsule is ideal for the use by a single individual. The sleeping pods are fitted with adjustable LED lighting, accessible charging ports, luggage storage facilities and an interactive screen. Of course, for the ultimate relaxation, the capsules are fitted with a hotel quality bed, measuring 2 metres in length, by approximately 1.5 metres wide.

Located in Terminal 5, on the departures level, Wassan Lounge has the facilities to cater to almost 300 guests per day.

Initial operations at Riyadh's King Khalid International Airport began at 1983. With five passenger terminals, the airport covers an area of 375 square kilometres and offers passengers access to a wide variety of international flights.