New Google feature will help you save money on travel

New Google feature will help you save money on travel

A new feature has been rolled out on Google Flights that will allow customers to get the cheapest priced flights
31 August 23
Google Flights

Google Flights was introduced in 2011, has become a widely-used feature of the search engine.

It assists users in finding flights to and from their desired destinations. This feature serves as a bridge between travellers and airlines, benefiting both parties.

Airlines can directly list their flights on Google Flights, bypassing costly advertisements and potential hosting expenses on other sites. This leads to more competitive prices for users compared to other flight search websites. This service is free and user-friendly, directly connecting users with third-party airlines, and both builds customer trust in the brand and ensures the best prices.

In addition to its existing features, Google Flights now offers a new customer-oriented feature - price prediction. This recent addition focuses on helping users secure the most affordable flight prices.

A unique algorithmic feature has been integrated into Google Flights. It suggests the optimal time to book flights for the lowest prices. Furthermore, the platform now displays whether current search prices for specific routes are below average, average, or above average based on historical data.

Incorporating reliable trend data, Google Flight will enhance user experience and savings by providing insights into historical price patterns. Armed with this information, users can make more informed decisions about booking immediately or waiting for better prices.

For example, travellers hoping to book flights for the upcoming Christmas season: booking flights around 70 days before departure is likely to yield the lowest average price. This is a significant shift from last year's prediction, which suggested that the best fares would be available only 22 days before the flight. According to Google's analysis, late October / early November is expected to be the ideal period to book a flight for Christmas 2023.