Would you pay extra to travel in an adults only section?

Would you pay extra to travel in an adults only section?

This concept is truly intriguing, and the relatively nominal cost might surprise you
05 September 23
Corendon: Adults Only Travel

You had us at adults only.

For those who are yet to become parents, or those who are well settled in their post-baby era, there is a universal, inexplicable dread — albeit selfish — of travelling, specially on a long-haul flight and being seated close to young children.

Depending on the length of the flight, and age of the child or children, the levels of dread can soar.

But, soon there could be a solution...

Dutch carrier, Corendon Airlines is set to the first European airline to test child-free sections on its flights.

During this trial period, the airline will be introducing an adults-only zone on their flights from the European city of Amsterdam to the Caribbean island destination of Curaçao, from November 3 of this year.

Several other international airlines have introduced adult-only seating areas, including low-cost carriers such as AirAsia X and Singapore Airline's Scoot. Guaranteeing an over-12s travel experience, the 'Scoot-in-Silence' section has been available since 2013, and offers travellers extra head space and leg room.

With a flight time of almost 10 hours from Amsterdam to Curacao island, this is the ideal international flight to test this new adults-only section.

The adults-only zone will comprise of 102 seats at the front of an Airbus A350-900: children below the age of 16 will not be permitted to sit in this area. Similar to different travel classes on a plane, this adults-only section will be separated using curtains.

Nine of these seats in the child-free section will have additional leg room, making to an even more comfortable long-haul journey.

Of course, it should be expected that a seat in this selection will come at an additional cost. However, the relatively nominal cost might surprise you!

With most airlines opening upgrades for business and first class seats at prices of $1000+, those wanting to avail of an adult-only section won't have to break the bank. Prices for the regular seating in the child-free zone will start from €45 each way, whilst the seats with XL leg room will start at €100.

And, best of all, these flights are available to book right now.

Would you pay an additional €45 to fly in a child-free zone?