To Paradise and BeOnd: Direct flights from Riyadh to Maldives this winter

To Paradise and BeOnd: Direct flights from Riyadh to Maldives this winter

Brand new luxury airline BeOnd will commence direct flights from Riyadh to Malé this November
07 September 23
BeOnd Airline Maldives

Set to be the official airline of the Maldives, and self-described as 'the world’s first premium leisure airline', BeOnd announced Riyadh as the airline's first travel hub location.

Pronounced 'beyond', BeOnd, this is an exciting addition to the world of airlines. The luxurious vacation experiences begins from the moment you arrive for your flight to Malé.

And, the first flight is set to operate out of Riyadh's King Khalid International Airport on November 9. This will be the luxury airline's inaugural flight.

Later on in November, Riyadh will be joined by two European hubs in Munich, Germany (November 15) and Zurich, Switzerland (November 17).

Over the next five years, the airline has ambitious plans to serve upwards of 50 destinations spanning across more than 25 countries, all while maintaining a fleet size of over 30 aircraft.

Future destinations will include Jeddah, Dubai, Paris, Singapore, Tokyo, however these location launch details have yet to be announced on this.

A private chauffeur service is also available, so all you have to do is pack your bag and the rest is looked after. Exclusive access to the luxury airport lounge is available based on your chosen flight detail, relax and unwind ahead of your flight.

Read more about the futuristic of sleep pods at Riyadh International, right here.

Aiming for maximum comfort and the highest level of luxury, BeOnd will offer guests padded, leather, lay-flat seats alongside top-notch and authentic dining experiences onboard.

Of course, connectivity is important to the modern traveler, and the airline ensures that entertainment systems are top-of-the-range, alongside Bluetooth audio connectivity, WiFi, USB and power outlets.

Established by airline experts, BeOnd was created by Max Nilhov and Tero Taskila. Nilhov previously held the position of the Middle East regional director for Boeing and now serves as Chief Strategy Officer for BeOnd. With a long history working with internationally renowned airlines such as Finnair, Qatar Airways, and Lufthansa, Tero Taskila is takes on the role of BeOnd's CEO and chairman.