Reasons to Return: A journey through the lense

Reasons to Return: A journey through the lense

A visual journey on Saudi’s unique appeal through the lenses of five content creators
13 September 23
Reasons to Return to Saudi

From the warmth that permeates every encounter, to the undeniable charm of its cities, to landscapes of shifting sands and verdant mountains, Saudi leaves an indelible mark on those who visit – a lingering invitation to return and experience more.

In this photo essay, five individuals who once explored the Kingdom share their narratives and paint a vivid picture (through their stunning photography) of the allure that beckons them back to Saudi.

The Landscape

Meet Luke Stackpoole: Photographer and Filmmaker

I’d love to visit Saudi again.

The hospitality of its people is genuine and heartwarming, and it’s something you can really feel – whether it’s the smiles from passersby or the offer of coffee at every turn. The landscape, though, is what draws me back. From endless desert terrain to towering mountain peaks, there’s nothing like it anywhere else I’ve been, and there’s still so much to be explored and captured.

Instagram: @withluke

The Culinary Scene

Meet Kristina Makeeva: Artist and Photographer

There are many reasons why I'd return to Saudi.

First, without doubt, is the incredible food, particularly the date cakes – they’re extraordinary! While I’ve only had the pleasure of exploring AlUla, being there was such a unique experience on its own. Everything – from the art installations to the rock pools to the architectural marvel that is Maraya – is a true testament to the Kingdom’s ingenuity.

Plus, there’s the unmatched comfort offered by its five-star luxury hotels. I can’t wait to go back and explore even more cities, and truly immerse myself in the culture and the cuisine.

Instagram: @hobopeeba

The People

Meet Richad and Enora: Adventurers 

We’re a French couple on a global adventure with our motorhome, and our three-month journey through Saudi has left a profound impact on us.

The warmth shown by the locals made us feel truly welcome. We got the opportunity to immerse ourselves in the culture and learn about people’s daily lives – they are quite possibly the kindest, most generous people we’ve ever met.

The Kingdom’s uniqueness also shines through its landscapes, ranging from volcanoes and mountains, to deserts, geological formations, and beaches. The diversity is unparalleled, making it the destination for any passionate, curious explorer. There’s no doubt we'll be returning to explore more of its hidden treasures.

Instagram: @2.coeurs.endehors

A Photographer’s Dream

Meet Dany Eid: Architectural, Aerial and Landscape Photographer

Saudi is an incredible experience for any photographer.

With its expansive canvas of diverse terrains, the opportunities to capture breathtaking images are endless.

The interplay between the vastness of its desert and the grandeur of its mountains and volcanic formations results in a jaw-dropping visual contrast. In addition, over-landing and camping in some of its more remote areas allows you to immerse yourself in, and establish a deeper connection with, the nature all around. By being there, in that moment of peace, you're not only capturing the beauty of the landscape, but the very essence and soul of the place.

Instagram: @danyeid

The Natural Wonders

Meet Mohammed Almessabi: Artist & Photographer

The Kingdom has long been a mysterious place for many, both from the Arab region and around the world.

As a photographer, I see Saudi as a true wonder for nature enthusiasts, particularly those who enjoy photography. I’ve been there seven times now, and I’m still eager to go back to explore. There’s always something at every turn!

To the north lies some of the most majestic mountains and valleys brimming with historical marvels and artefacts. To the south, modern cities by the sea draw in visitors and tourists from all over. Saudi remains as captivating as ever.

Instagram: @mks1_

That Feeling of Home

Meet Aeron Paul Alcaraz: Travel Photographer

Though my time in Saudi was a small chapter of my life, it undoubtedly left a long-lasting mark.

Living and working there, time spent with both locals and expats, it’s an experience I hold dear. Now, as I've moved on to new places, there's still this longing to revisit a land I once called home. I was lucky enough to travel all across the Kingdom, exploring some of its most spectacular sites, yet it continues to call me back.

I know the day will come when I return, and I truly look forward to it.

Instagram: @aer_rocks