This is Leyja: New eco-tourism destination will nurture the natural landscape of NEOM

This is Leyja: New eco-tourism destination will nurture the natural landscape of NEOM

This enchanting, sustainable escape is set to balance the natural landscape with opulent accommodation and experiences amidst a dramatic canyon
16 October 23
NEOM: Leyja

With a varied landscape of expansive open space, alongside natural panoramic views of mountains and valleys, NEOM is just one of the mega-projects that the Kingdom has invested in.

Playing a significant role in achieving Vision 2030's aim of encouraging tourism and supporting the creation of jobs in the Kingdom, NEOM borders the Red Sea and is located in the north-western area of the Tabuk Province.

Balancing the natural with the new, NEOM's landscape will see the embracing of modern, new and exciting developments such as The Line and Discovery Tower whilst also emboldening the beauty of the natural environment and landscape with projects such as the mountain resort of Trojena.

And, just this weekend, a brand new development was announced for the NEOM region: Leyja.

NEOM's newest ecotourism development will be called Leyja.

This development begins on the shores of the Gulf of Aqaba and extends inland, nestled within a valley lying between 400-meter-high mountains.

A new addition to NEOM's portfolio, Leyja underscores the region's commitment to creating sustainable and environmentally conscious tourist destinations while making use of its breathtaking natural landscapes.

The evolution of the region will involve the preservation of 95% of the natural area.

Leyja will feature a unique 'experience centre' for visitors and it has also been confirmed that the area will be home to three luxurious and sustainable hotels.

With unusual and striking architectural features, the proposed new and lavish hotels will be constructed using ecologically supportive and protective building techniques and materials. Each boutique hotel will offer a different experience, and cater to the needs of visitors based on three principles: Adventure, Oasis and Wellness.

With 120 rooms and suites, these hotels will also feature exclusive dining experiences, luxury retail, wellness spa and infinity-pool encounters. And, the boutique hotels will be accessible by both road and air.

Leyja will provide a wide array of experiences and leisure activities including mountaineering and adventure sports, and a hiking trail from the new region to Trojena which will encompass 73km of natural landscape.

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