This online tool could your ticket to a stress free airport experience

This online tool could your ticket to a stress free airport experience

Reduce your stress before your getaway with a brand new online 'Airport Stress Calculator'
17 October 23
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So, now you know how to save money when booking your flights with Google's new handy tool.

And, you also now know that Dutch carrier, Corendon Airlines has introduced an adults-only section on its trans-Atlantic flight to the Caribbean.

In addition to these two ideal travel hacks, you also likely know about the new, futuristic sleep pods available to book at Riyadh's King Khalid International Airport. (If you don't know about these private sleeping pods, click here for more.)

But, have you heard about the flight stress calculator?

For some people, they love the airport experience: shopping, eating and relaxing ahead of their flight. However, for others, even the thought of heading to the airport will send shivers down spines and have hands feeling clammy. But, fret no more - this is the travel tool for you.


Using a comprehensive analysis of data pertaining to the most common and shared sources of stress for travellers has led to the creation of the Airport Stress Calculator. This innovative tool has been designed to forecast the level of complexity and stress that individuals may encounter during their upcoming air travel experiences: how crowded the airport is, your airline's baggage rules and any likely delays at your departure airport.

All you have to do is plug in your departure time, airline, and departure airport, and voila! The calculator does its thing and tells you the odds of a stressful airport experience.

Link to Airport Stress Calculator right here.