The top 5 destinations most travelled to by Saudis have been revealed

The top 5 destinations most travelled to by Saudis have been revealed

Saudi continues to see a surge in tourism, both internationally and domestically but where do the Kingdom's locals travel to?
19 October 23

The Kingdom is well on its way to becoming a tourism powerhouse.

Saudi is becoming a top destination for international tourists with almost 8 million tourists visiting the Kingdom in just the first quarter of 2023, and internationally renowned events such as the Azimuth music festival in AlUla, the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix and of course a number of exciting local 'seasons' such as Riyadh Season 2023.

This surge in tourism perfectly aligns with the ambitious Vision 2030, which has its sights set on boosting both local and international travel.

It's not just about Saudi Arabia becoming a sought-after travel destination; it's also a testament to the country's dedication to fully unlocking its tourism potential by nurturing its local history and culture, creating destinations of intrigue and welcoming international business with open arms.

But, where do Saudis visit most frequently?

According to popular travel and flight booking app, Wego, there are five top international contenders with travellers from Saudi. So far this year, the most popular international destinations visited by Saudis or Saudi residents are: Cairo, Istanbul, Dubai, Jakarta and Lahore.

However, international locations aren't the only popular destinations with Saudis. Within the Kingdom, domestic tourism is flourishing, with Jeddah as the frontrunner for local getaways, trailed by Riyadh, Dammam, Abha, and Medina.

Yet, it's not just international locations that pique the interest of Saudis. On the domestic front, the allure of exploring one's own country is on the rise. Leading the pack for local getaways is Jeddah, a coastal gem known for its rich history and stunning waterfront. The city is also close to the luxurious desert escapes of AlUla.

Jeddah is closely followed by Riyadh, our vibrant capital, the city offers visitors the perfect blend of tradition and modernity: with impressive museums and art galleries, internationally acclaimed restaurants and shopping destinations, alongside luxurious hotels.

Whilst Dammam, situated in the Eastern Province, beckons visitors with its unique character and coastal beauty and Abha, nestled in the southwestern Asir Province, has a captivating charm coupled with lush greenery and cooler climate. And, last but certainly not least is the historic city of Medina, with its religious significance, rounds off the list.

Domestic tourism in Saudi Arabia is flourishing, and these cities are at the forefront of the nation's travel renaissance, enticing both locals and international visitors to explore their wonders.