Thuwal Private Retreat: An exclusive paradisiacal island escape for 2024

Thuwal Private Retreat: An exclusive paradisiacal island escape for 2024

A pristine island retreat is the perfect getaway for a group of friends, where you can revel in the luxury of having your very own private island
24 October 23
Thuwal Private Retreat

As the Red Sea International Airport begins to receive its first domestic flights, the developers of the region continue to impress with the evolution of the landscape.

The most recent development was announced today, and Red Sea Global (RSG) have unveiled an exciting new escape: Thuwal Private Retreat.

The Thuwal Private Retreat will be an exclusive island escape. With luxurious interiors and a private jetty, this will be the ideal escape from the mundane and will cater to just one large group or family at any one time - making this retreat resort, the region's most exclusive escape.

The island resort will feature a generous main three-bedroom villa, three one-bedroom suites, a beach club, gym, and wellness centre. The journey begins as guests arrive via a private jetty and are welcomed at a stunning reception centre.

The resort's executive chef will create gourmet dishes using locally sourced ingredients and collaborate with regional producers, artisans, and eateries to offer unique experiences.

Poised to open in 2024, the Thuwal Private Retreat will be situated on a pristine, sandy islet of 1.7 hectares within the coral archipelago on the coastline of the Red Sea. This intimate retreat aims to marry the natural beauty of the area with discreet, luxury architecture.

Thuwal Private Retreat will operate as an independent entity, separate from The Red Sea and AMAALA, and is set to be the first RSG-owned destination that will not involve third-party hospitality or hotel operators.