AlUla: Visitors will be able to 'journey through time' with new tramway

AlUla: Visitors will be able to 'journey through time' with new tramway

The Royal Commission for AlUla's innovative tramway project blends history, sustainability, and luxury to create a unique experience
24 October 23
AlUla Experiential Tramway

Another groundbreaking project has been announced for the Kingdom.

Not only will the new AlUla Experiential Tramway project create a new and interesting way of enjoying the incredible cultural and historical sites of the AlUla region, it will also offer visitors a new form of transportation around the rugged and desolate desert area.

Originally announced in June 2022, the Royal Commission for AlUla (RCU) unveiled further plans at the seventh annual Future Investment Initiative (FII) in Riyadh, for its ambitious AlUla Experiential Tramway project.

This visionary initiative boasts 20 cutting-edge trains running along a 22.4 km track with 17 strategically placed stations. It harmoniously combines luxury, history, and sustainable transportation in a remarkable manner. The low-carbon AlUla Tramway, set to utilise Alstom's eco-friendly trains and systems, and a 3D model has been presented at the FII.

This project draws inspiration from the historic Hijaz railway, offering passengers a journey that encapsulates AlUla's profound connection to its history. The tram will seamlessly connect AlUla's core historical districts, promising a visually captivating experience that spans from oasis to desert, reflecting the essence of pilgrimages from centuries past.

RCU's AlUla Experiential Tramway project underlines their commitment to innovation and sustainable transportation, promoting green mobility. It encourages various modes of transport, including bicycles, equestrian travel, and pedestrian pathways. This emphasis aligns with Saudi Arabia's drive towards environmental sustainability and heritage conservation, marking a significant step forward.

Set to be launched in the second half of 2027, the tramway is a pivotal element of RCU's comprehensive Journey Through Time (JTT) masterplan.

Developers are scheduled to commence infrastructure work in 2024. This tramway will provide visitors and residents with a luxurious passage through the world's largest living museum, AlUla, connecting landmarks, urban areas, and transport infrastructures seamlessly.

Mohammed Altheeb, RCU Chief Development and Construction Officer, emphasised that the project signifies a celebration of history and a commitment to sustainable mobility, ensuring that AlUla's treasures remain accessible and preserved for generations.