The Red Sea's next project is water-based runway on a coral reef

The Red Sea's next project is water-based runway on a coral reef

A first of its kind in the Kingdom, Ummahat Islands has been granted the first license for an aqua aerodrome
30 October 23
Red Sea Resort: Aqua Aerodrome & Water Runway

The Red Sea's Ummahat Islands are destined to be home to two of the region's most exclusive and exciting resorts; the St. Regis Red Sea Resort and Nujuma, A Ritz-Carlton Reserve.

And a brand-new project has just been given the green light - a water-based runway.

Expected to host a number of floating sea-planes, the yet-to-be-named aquatic aerodrome will be designed to achieve a unique harmony between modern aviation and access with the natural marine environment.

The Ummahat Islands are located within the crystal clear waters of the Red Sea surrounded by an extensive array of well-protected, thriving coral reefs and atop the Kingdom's famous Blue Hole area. The new aquatic aerodrome will be a base for visitors to the region wishing to transfer by air from the region's newly opened Red Sea International Airport to the idyllic escape of the luxury resorts on the Ummahat Islands.

This aerodrome will be a first for the Kingdom, and following extensive discussions and planning, the proposed aerodrome met the requirements of the Aviation Safety Regulations of the General Authority for Civil Aviation (GACA), and Red Sea Global were awarded the first license for a development of this kind.

Not only will these sea-planes offer visitors to the region a unique mode of transportation, it will also offer guests incomparable views of the Red Sea region, the untouched reefs and the seemingly never-ending blue waters below, alongside the natural archipelagoes.

There is more to come on this exciting new development.