In Case You Missed It: All the latest in travel news and trends

In Case You Missed It: All the latest in travel news and trends

31 October 23

Just in case you haven't had the chance to catch up on the latest happenings, we've gathered some interesting and unusual travel news from all over the world.

From water-runways in the Red Sea and newly proposed wellness retreats, to online tools to reduce your stress when travelling and a mountainous mega-projected announced for the Kingdom.

Let's take a look at these stories, below:

This is Leyja: New eco-tourism destination announced for NEOM

Playing a significant role in achieving Vision 2030's aim of encouraging tourism and supporting the creation of jobs in the Kingdom, NEOM borders the Red Sea and is located in the north-western area of the Tabuk Province.

NEOM's newest ecotourism development will be called Leyja.

This development begins on the shores of the Gulf of Aqaba and extends inland, nestled within a valley lying between 400-meter-high mountains.

A new addition to NEOM's portfolio, Leyja underscores the region's commitment to creating sustainable and environmentally conscious tourist destinations while making use of its breathtaking natural landscapes.

Learn more about Leyja, right here.

The Red Sea is getting a water-based runway on a coral reef

The Red Sea's Ummahat Islands are destined to be home to two of the region's most exclusive and exciting resorts; the St. Regis Red Sea Resort and Nujuma, A Ritz-Carlton Reserve. And a brand-new project has just been given the green light - a water-based runway.

Not only will these sea-planes offer visitors to the region a unique mode of transportation, it will also offer guests incomparable views of the Red Sea region, the untouched reefs and the seemingly never-ending blue waters below, alongside the natural archipelagoes.

Click here to read more about this exciting new project.

This online tool could your ticket to a stress free airport experience

Have you heard about the flight stress calculator?

For some people, they love the airport experience: shopping, eating and relaxing ahead of their flight. However, for others, even the thought of heading to the airport will send shivers down spines and have hands feeling clammy. But, fret no more - this is the travel tool for you.

All you have to do is plug in your departure time, airline, and departure airport, and voila! The calculator does its thing and tells you the odds of a stressful airport experience.

Enjoy stress free travel with this online tool.

Thuwal Private Retreat: An exclusive paradisiacal island escape for 2024

The most recent development for the Red Sea region was announced in October, and the company behind the development and regeneration of the area, Red Sea Global (RSG) unveiled an exciting new escape: Thuwal Private Retreat.

The Thuwal Private Retreat will be an exclusive island escape. With luxurious interiors and a private jetty, this will be the ideal escape from the mundane and will cater to just one large group or family at any one time - making this retreat resort, the region's most exclusive escape.

The island resort will feature a generous main three-bedroom villa, three one-bedroom suites, a beach club, gym, and wellness centre. The journey begins as guests arrive via a private jetty and are welcomed at a stunning reception centre.

Here is everything we know about Thuwal Private Retreat.

Discover More About Riyadh: 10 residents reveal their favourite spots

Riyadh has embraced progress at lightning speed – seamlessly blending past and future. From centuries-old souks and a burgeoning contemporary art scene to endless fine-dining destinations, parks, and futuristic architecture, the capital has something for everyone.

Who better to ask about the best places to go than the people who call it home?

Learn from locals from various backgrounds such as a holistic wellness coach and yoga instructor, a professional footballer and a tech innovator.

Click here for the places locals recommend to visit in Riyadh.

AlUla: Visitors will be able to 'journey through time' with new tramway

Another groundbreaking project has been announced for the Kingdom.

Not only will the new AlUla Experiential Tramway project create a new and interesting way of enjoying the incredible cultural and historical sites of the AlUla region, it will also offer visitors a new form of transportation around the rugged and desolate desert area.

This visionary initiative boasts 20 cutting-edge trains running along a 22.4 km track with 17 strategically placed stations. It harmoniously combines luxury, history, and sustainable transportation in a remarkable manner. The low-carbon AlUla Tramway, set to utilise Alstom's eco-friendly trains and systems, and a 3D model has been presented at the FII.

Discover more about the new tramline planned for AlUla here.

Looking for a staycation in Riyadh? The Fairmont, Riyadh could be an option

The Kingdom's capital city has seen a proliferation of high-end business hotels. Yet one establishment stands out as an exemplar of exceptional: Fairmont Riyadh, with its strategic location and quality of service.

When it comes to the second factor, Fairmont – a chain located in over 100 countries – takes prides in its “anticipatory service.” For instance, guests receive an email prior to arriving, asking about any specific needs or requirements, which are duly provided. Fairmont takes pains to understand guest preferences, including dietary restrictions and even mattresses and pillows for orthopaedic conditions.

Our full review on The Fairmont, Riyadh can be found right here.