A closer look at the boutique hotels planned for Leyja

A closer look at the boutique hotels planned for Leyja

The newly announced eco-tourism destination has confirmed three distinctly different, yet equally opulent, Habitas managed resorts for the new mountainous region of NEOM
01 November 23
Habitas Resorts: Leyja, NEOM

Balancing the natural with the new, NEOM's landscape continues to embrace a series of modern, new and exciting developments such as The Line and Discovery Tower, whilst at the same time also emboldening the beauty of the natural environment and landscape with projects such as the mountain resort of Trojena.

And, in early October a brand new development was announced for the NEOM region: Leyja.

From the very early days of launching this new mega-project, NEOM executives and social media channels confirmed that Leyja would feature three unique and distinct resort locations would be created atop the mountainous location, with views over the valleys and beyond: Oasis, Adventure and Wellness.

However, until today, it was not known which hospitality brands were tendering for these locations.

Just today, NEOM's Executive Director of Hospitality, Jeremy Lester alongside Habitas CEO and serial entrepreneurial success Oliver Ripley of Habitas, together announced that the ultra-luxe hospitality brand would manage and operate the three, unique resorts.

With two established locations in AlUla - Habitas AlUla and Caravan AlUla - the brand will continue to expand its portfolio across the Kingdom to include these three new destinations.

In the announcement, Ripley spoke of the new ventures for Habitas in Leyja: “This project is truly unique and visionary. The natural beauty is otherworldly, the architecture and design remarkable and the experience will offer our community an ever-deeper journey of discovery and transformation; both of themselves and their connection to the natural world around them. We are honoured to have this opportunity.”

So, what can we expect?

Although very little further information has been confirmed by NEOM or Habitas, we do know that each hotel will operate with a different pivotal core: Wellness, Oasis or Adventure. These central themes will influence Habitas' vision for each hotel, alongside the activities provided and the overall vibe of the locations.

With just 120 rooms across the three locations, these hotels will be boutique experiences found 400 metres above sea-level in the mountainous region of Leyja. Once these projects are complete, guests can expect idyllic escape and expansive views over the deep valleys of wadis and horizon of rocky, red terrain across NEOM.

Similar to other incredible Saudi Arabian mega-projects, we can expect unique, intriguing and futuristic architecture for these new luxury resorts. Set to be carved into the mountainside or taking advantage of the natural landscape, each resort will be bespoke and distinct - the proposed new and lavish hotels will be constructed using ecologically supportive and environmentally protective building techniques and materials.

Currently there is no confirmed opening date for the new hotels or the Leyja region, however, it is expected that these resorts will be completed in-line with the goals of the nation's overarching Vision 2030 project.


Taking inspiration from AlUla's mirrored Maraya, Wellness will be partially mirrored whilst also nestled between an array of natural foliage and sides of rocky cliff face.

Aiming to provide a retreat of "restoration and renewal", Wellness will pivot on a theme of vitality. The resort will offer guests the perfect balance of ancient rituals and practices alongside cutting-edge treatments and therapies with a focus on longevity and vitality.



Deeper within the valley of Leyja will sit Oasis; a resort offering further seclusion within nature, and a hiding place away from the trials and tribulations of real life.

Oasis will be a resort where an evident and interesting interplay between nature, nurture, and modernity is uncovered. With the wadi waiting to be discovered, and the intricate interlude of nature trickles into every facet of the resort, this location will be one of lavish refuge.



Naturally Leyja will provide a wide array of exciting outdoor experiences and activities, particularly as the resort will be built upon a 73 km natural hiking trail that eventually leads to the mountainous ski resort of Trojena.

Adventure is expected to cate to those with a passion for leisure activities. Scale steep cliffs, master exhilarating mountain biking paths and enjoy the delights of horseback riding. Described as 'an explorer's paradise', with just 40 rooms, this will be an ultra-boutique active resort, will be built right into the mountainside will treat guests to incredible experiences that is nothing short of otherworldly.