An Exclusive Desert Haven: Opening day has arrived for Six Senses Southern Dunes

An Exclusive Desert Haven: Opening day has arrived for Six Senses Southern Dunes

With the final touches now complete, the luxurious Red Sea resort is ready to welcome visitors from near and far
02 November 23
Six Senses Southern Dunes Red Sea Resort

The long-awaited Six Senses Southern Dunes has officially opened.

Although located close to The Red Sea coastline, this resort will be a desert escape where visitors will be enveloped in the rolling sand dunes of the Red Sea region, and will sit against the expansive landscapes and backdrop of the Hijaz Mountains.

The design and architecture of the Six Senses resort will pay homage to the traditional Nabataean heritage. Each aspect of both interiors and exteriors has been carefully curated to mirror and enhance the natural beauty of the surroundings.

With swathes of beige and camel colours, shadowy stretches are created by large wicker installations and fresh dashes of warming creams, whilst the sounds and sparkles of the pools create an oasis-like ambiance, the Six Senses Southern Dunes exudes a particular charm that is both entirely modern and celebration of traditional Saudi culture all at once.

The luxurious desert camp will run on 100% sustainably created electricity, and aims to set and develop 'new standards in sustainability and desert hospitality'.

Undoubtedly the newest luxury resort in the nation, the newly opened resort will remain an exclusive opening, as the desert retreat will feature just 36 rooms and suites, alongside 40 villas with private pools.

Foodies will enjoy meals from three different and indulgent restaurants, with dishes featuring ingredients plucked from the on-site herb garden. Guests will also be able to participate in cooking classes at the resort's very own cookery school, alongside a cafe and patisserie

Of course, what would a Six Senses resort be without the sumptuous splendours of a Six Senses Spa? A number of highly qualified spa therapists will be on hand to treat guests to the most lavish of treatments.

With expansive views across the desert that are utterly breath-taking, and a number of idyllic infinity pools and sandy fire pits from which to over look this unending vista - this is a rich, desert oasis that has never before been presented in the Kingdom.

Very easily accessible by five different airports, the closest being the recently opened Red Sea International Airport (just 45 minutes away) and the Al Wahj Airport (1 hour), the Six Senses Southern Dunes is set to become a popular escape from reality for many locals and residents of the Kingdom, as well as become an iconic destination for international travellers seeking a sense of Saudi.